my zero waste on the go kit

My Zero Waste On the Go Kit

Yesterday, I showed you guys what I carry in my handbag on a daily basis, as a zero waste enthusiast, in my blog post: What’s in My Bag: Zero Waste Edition. However, I mentioned that I don’t like to carry around a large clunky bag full of zero waste supplies regularly. I prefer to keep the essentials close by in my small purse, and I carry my other zero waste necessities in my car in my zero waste on the go kit.

Here’s a quick look at what I keep in the backseat of my car for all those unplanned zero waste moments, listed from left to right:

zero waste on the go kit

Mason Jar

If you’ve been trying to go zero waste for even a short amount of time, I’m sure you know how useful a simple glass jar can be. A mason jar is the perfect size to stash lunch leftovers, or you can use it for drinks on the go. So versatile! You can use a canning jar as a travel coffee mug with one of these sweet handmade coffee sleeves or you could use it to carry a nutritious smoothies. It can hold a cup of soup or a slice of pie. It’s really the most affordable and adaptable zero waste container in my opinion!

handmade coffee sleeve

Travel Coffee Mug

I keep a reusable insulated travel coffee mug in my car for those spontaneous afternoon caffeine pick me ups. I could easily choose to stay and have my coffee “for here,” at a local coffee shop, but I also like to keep my mug in the car, just in case I’m in a rush and need my drink to go. A mason jar would work as well for coffee to go, but I’ve been spoiled by this sweet insulated travel coffee mug and can’t turn back now.

Reusable Produce Bags

I keep a reusable produce bag in my purse, but I also like to keep a few extras in the car as well. They’re just such a great size for carrying anything really, and I like how lightweight they are. Since they are transparent, it makes it super easy for the cashier when checking out to see what you’re purchasing. I also like that they can be tossed in to the washing machine after a few uses.

Stainless Steel Container

I know any old lunch container will do, but I really love stashing my leftovers in my stainless steel lunch box. I get a lot of compliments on this guy, which is a super bonus to me, because that means I can easily talk to admiring strangers about zero waste!

stainless steel lunch container

Water Bottle with Filter

Stay hydrated friends! I keep a glass water bottle in my car so I never feel the need to use a single use plastic water bottle. I have a plastic free active charcoal water filter in my bottle that helps keep the water clean and delicious tasting. This filter lasts for about four months then I can give it a second life by burying it in the garden to add carbon to the soil.

active charcoal water filter

Canvas Tote

I have a canvas tote filled with other canvas totes sitting in the backseat of my car for impromptu trips to the grocery store. This way I can forgo single use plastic bags!

What’s in your zero waste on the go kit?? What are your essentials??

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