4 Zero Waste Blushes I’ve Tried Myself

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Zero Waste Blush

Alright y’all, I have to preface this blog post with one important detail. This blog post is NOT sponsored, at all. I purchased these four zero waste blushes online with my own money. I recently ran out of my not so zero waste blush and really wanted to test out a few different blushes to see which one I liked best. Eventually, I hope to transition all of my makeup to zero waste makeup. I hope to share with you more sustainable make up brands throughout the year. It will probably be a slow process, but I’m excited to share with you as I experiment and learn what works. The four blushes that I purchased to test include River Organics, Elate Cosmetics, RMS Beauty, and Clean Faced Cosmetics.  I’m going to share with you my favorite zero waste blush that I’ve tried so far!

I also have a post comparing zero waste mascara as well, if you’re on the hunt for more sustainable makeup options!

Shipping Time

This might not be an important detail for everyone but from a small business owner’s perspective, speedy shipment is essential. I’d say it’s a tie for speediness between RMS Beauty and River Organics. Both of these companies shipped out their zero waste makeup super quickly. They arrived in just a couple of days after ordering. Elate Cosmetics arrived on my door step about a week later. I did learn that Elate is based out of Canada so that might explain why the shipment took longer to arrive than the others. Clean Faced Cosmetics took about three weeks to arrive.

Zero Waste Packaging

I’m happy to report that all of the companies shipped their products with zero waste packaging. I was a little bummed that River Organics shipped out in a bubble mailer, but they did mention that it was a reused bubble mailer. You might want to mention to River Organics that’d you’d like completely plastic free shipping if that is important to you. All other blushes arrived in recyclable or compostable paper packaging. Woo!

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Clean Faced Cosmetics – $12, Free Shipping

RMS Beauty – $36 + Shipping = $40.95

River Organics – $16.99 + Shipping = $19.66

Elate Cosmetics $34 + Shipping = $42

Application & Effectiveness

Clean Faced Cosmetics

This zero waste blush comes in a little metal tin. It is a powder blush. I liked the color of this blush, and it has a little bit of shimmer to it. A little goes a long way with this blush. This makeup is made by a small Etsy seller based out of Michigan. If supporting a small business is important to you, definitely check out her shop. She sells other zero waste makeup as well including cake mascara and tinted lip balm. My one complaint about this blush is that the metal tin is hard to open. It’s a loose powder so one wrong jerk of the hands, and you could have zero waste blush all over the bathroom floor! *Just be really careful when opening it!*

zero waste blush


zero waste makeup

RMS Beauty

This zero waste blush comes in a small glass container with a metal lid. It’s actually called Lip2Cheek meaning you can use it as blush or tinted lip balm. I like that it has double functionality. Great option for the minimalists out there or for someone who travels and doesn’t want a makeup bag full of different products. Unrelated, but I have tried out their Living Luminzer as well and really loved that. It seems to last and last. I bought it over two years ago and still have a little bit left. It also comes in one of these small glass containers.

zero waste blush

zero waste makeup

River Organics 

River Organics is brand I learned about from a friend in my Facebook group (which you should totally join, because it’s full of awesome people!). What I really love about this blush is that it comes in a paper tube which you can compost after use. All of the other zero waste blushes come in some sort of reusable container but I love that this one can be composted, so neat! This is another smaller company and they’re based out of North Carolina. They sell other makeup products and a deodorant as well.

zero waste blush

zero waste makeup

Elate Cosmetics 

When you think of zero waste makeup, Elate Cosmetics is probably the first brand that comes to mind. This brand is notorious for making high quality low waste makeup. I had never given this brand a try before and was a little weary with the high price tag, but boy am I glad I did. This zero waste blush comes in a gorgeous bamboo compact that yes, you do have to invest in the compact for your first purchase. However, when you need to reorder blush, you just purchase the blush and place it in your reusable bamboo compact. This blush is most similar to the conventional makeup I was used to using before my interest in the zero waste and plastic free lifestyle.

zero waste blush

zero waste makeup

The Winner Is…

My favorite blush of the four that I tested is Elate Cosmetics! I showed my Instagram friends these four blush photos without telling them which brand was which, and they also chose the Elate makeup. So there you have it! Let’s be honest though, everyone likes different things so if Elate isn’t in your budget or maybe you prefer makeup with dual functionality, give the other brands a try. None of the four brands were anything I hated.

UPDATE: I’ve since changed my mind about my favorite zero waste blush. I really loved the Elate Cosmetics blush. I felt like the color looked very natural, and I liked the little bamboo compact it came in. However, a few months in to using my Elate blush, I accidentally dropped the compact on the bathroom floor. The blush shattered and there was pink powder all over the bathroom. I was able to salvage some of the blush. In the end though, I decided to break out my River Organics blush that comes in a paper tube. I’ve decided it’s my new favorite zero waste blush. It’s especially wonderful for those accident prone makeup appliers like me haha!! It’s January 2020, and I’m STILL using this blush from River Organics. Another reason to love that blush, it lasts and lasts.

I’m curious. Have you tried these brands before? Or do you have another zero waste blush that you really love? Tell me about it please!


DIY Zero Waste Blush

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10 thoughts on “4 Zero Waste Blushes I’ve Tried Myself

  1. I voted on IG but after knowing the prices the first one is on par with the others as far as the photo and a much better price point.

    1. Totally! I didn’t hate any of the blushes I tested. I just preferred the Elate one over the others 🙂 They’re all wonderful brands.

  2. Love that you chose Elate! I found them when I went natural and organic with my by makeup several years ago and they won out over other brand for me too. Pricey, but their products are high quality and last. And, they are Canadian which I love because I am too! You can find someone of their products through other retailers that don’t charge shipping- at least to me- check out well.ca- they sell some elate products and have free shipping. I also use their mascara, eyeshadow, brow balm, liquid and powder foundation and lip gloss. Happy with all of their products. Love the seed paper that the powders are shipped in.

    1. Yes, I was a little worried about purchasing their blush because of the price tag but it’s totally worth it! I’ll take a peak at well.ca, thank you!! Excited to try some of their other products as my current makeup runs out.

  3. Thank you for this review! I’m trying to go zero waste on my makeup and I’m finding it challenging. Do you have plans for other reviews?

    1. Yes for sure! I’m hoping to review more zero waste makeup brands as I run out of my current makeup. 🙂

  4. I don’t really wear makeup and don’t own any except a brow pencil, but I want to buy some for an upcoming wedding. I wanted something natural and ZW so this review is perfect! I’m definitely going to buy the River Organics. I love how soft the color is and their ingredient list is amazing.

    1. I’m glad you found the post useful Lauren! I know you will love using River Organics!

  5. Hi, love your blog. From Bea Johnson’s book on Zero Waste Homes I used bulk beet powder, cinnamon and cocoa powder to create a color that works for me–its a beautiful alternative depending on your coloring.

    1. Thanks so much for reading my blog! I haven’t tried making DIY blush before but would love to give it a try sometime! That recipe sounds great 🙂

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