What’s In My Zero Waste Bag?

zero waste bag

What’s In My Zero Waste Bag?

A pretty common topic fluttering around the blogosphere these days is “What’s in My Handbag?” Bloggers usually give a run down of all of their essentials, beauty and otherwise, that they carry in their bag on a regular basis. I, for one, do not like lugging around a heavy bag full of clanking mason jars and to-go containers. I keep a tiny purse with me for essentials, and I carry other zero waste essentials in my car. Unfortunately, I don’t live in a city where public transportation is accessible so keeping zero waste essentials in my car is the way to go for me. Tomorrow, I’ll give you guys a look into my zero waste to-go bag that I keep in my car!

I literally dumped my purse onto the floor this morning and here’s a run down of what I’ve got in my zero waste bag from left to right:

zero waste bag

Small Reusable Bag

It’s always good to have a small bag handy just in case I do shopping in town and need a bag to carry my things out. I choose to use one of my reusable produce bags, because it’s so lightweight, and I like that it has a drawstring closure. I can bunch it up and stuff it in the bottom of my handbag. Also, I don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space. I also like that they can be tossed in to the washing machine after a few uses.


Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, my current town isn’t public transportation friendly. Car keys are definitely a necessity in my bag. I love living at the farm, but I sure do miss living in Athens where it was easier to get around by bike or simply walking. Obviously, using public transportation, biking, walking, or carpooling are the most sustainable ways to get around!

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Eye Drops

Have yet to find a zero waste alternative to eye drops. Have you?? I’m all ears if you have a solution!

Vegan Lip Balm in Biodegradable Packaging

I can’t go anywhere without my lip balm… no really, I just love it and use it ALL day. I like that it comes in a compostable paper tube and isn’t full of harsh chemicals. You can find this vegan, organic lip balm in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow shop.  It has the most delicious scent– lemongrass mint. There’s also a tinted lip balm version in the shop!

Vegan Organic Lip Balm in Biodegradable Tube

Reusable Handkerchief

I have allergies basically all year long so I’m happy to have this sweet little hankybook to carry around with me in my bag for my runny nose. When I first started learning about zero waste, I was a little grossed out by the idea of carrying a non-disposable tissue around… However, I have fallen in love with handkerchiefs, especially the hankybook. I like that you use a page of the handkerchief book then flip a page so you’re never having to reuse the same dirty part of the tissue. Plus, handkerchiefs are way softer than tissues! Have you made the sustainable switch to using handkerchiefs??


I’ve had this wallet for a very long time, and I believe it originally belonged to my little sister. Secondhand goodies for the win, am I right?! I’d love to invest in a high quality vegan wallet at some point. However, the most important aspect of sustainable living is use what you have FIRST.

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My iPhone 5 is still going strong at the moment. However, I know I will need a new phone in the next year or so. How do you guys dispose of E-waste? Any sustainable, eco-conscious options for purchasing cell phones??

Bamboo Utensils & Carrying Case

I keep my bamboo utensils close by. This way I can avoid using disposable plastic utensils that are sometimes the only option at some restaurants. I could stuff a stainless steel straw and set of chopsticks in here as well, but I really don’t find those absolutely necessary in my daily life. I use stainless steel straws for smoothies that I make at home but don’t really need them on the go.

Cloth Napkin

Who else is a fan of reusable cloth napkins!?! I found this cute cloth napkin at an estate sale last year. I have been carrying it in my bag regularly ever since. Not only do I use it in place of disposable paper napkins, but it’s also great to put put a snack in for on the go without the clunkiness of a mason jar. There are some super adorable screen printed cloth napkins in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow online zero waste shop.

What’s in your zero waste bag?? What are your essentials??

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