The Full Guide To Creating A Sustainable Bathroom

sustainable bathroom

From menstrual cycles to toothbrushes, the waste we create in the bathroom can add up quick. Every year we menstrual items such as pads and tampons create 200,000 metric tons that take 500-800 years to decompose. We don’t have to continue this path, there are many ways to reduce waste in the bathroom that will even save you money! Even if you choose to swap out one item, you’re helping the earth so much! Let’s dive into the possibilities waiting for you for creating a sustainable bathroom!

Low Waste Makeup Remover

Instead of using traditional makeup full of chemicals and plastic packaging,  switch to natural items that also reduce your waste! Instead of makeup remover pads try Urban Oreganics Makeup Remover in a glass bottle with reusable cotton facial rounds. This completely eliminates plastic waste. 

For tough to remove eye makeup, try a glass bottle eye makeup remover that also moisturizes your skin. No more rubbing chemicals around your eyes. 

Sustainable Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, there are so many products to choose from. However many are riddled with toxins and create plastic waste. Instead of purchasing a Target skin care line, try something zero waste! Pair the sustainable rose water face toner and Urban Oreganics facial cream to create a simple yet wonderful routine! The best part is you’re reducing waste and protecting your body from chemicals. 

For skin care in the shower such as body wash, you can completely change up your routine but still smell amazing! Instead of plastic bottles of shampoo, try an organic soap bar to reduce toxins and plastic waste. There are so many options to choose from such as activated charcoal, agave nectar aloe, coconut milk thai lime, rosemary mint green tea, even bali flowers to name a few! 

urban oreganics facial cream

Zero Waste Hair Care

Hair care is one of the best places to swap traditional items for zero waste in your bathroom! You can reduce your waste greatly with these changes. Instead of plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles, try vegan shampoo cubes and conditioner cubes. Instead of plastic bottles of detangler and frizz spray try A Simple Planet’s zero waste fine hair detangler spray and frizz free spray.

There’s even a zero waste option for hair ties as well! Instead of hair ties from the store created with plastics, try the organic cotton plastic free hair ties. They will hold your hair up even in the gym or out on the trails hiking.  

Low Waste Menstrual Cycles 

You should be comfortable during your cycle, and that’s exactly what a reusable menstrual cup brings to the table. No more changing a pad or tampon every few hours. This cup can be changed every 12 hours or when needed. It makes periods simple as well as zero waste. Also you don’t have to worry about adding chemicals into your body, they are BPA and chemicals free. Using one of these cups during travel is a game changer. Once you try it you won’t go back to throw away menstrual products. 

If a menstrual cup isn’t for you, no need to worry, there’s another option: cloth menstrual pads and liners. Just like the ones in the store, you can choose between moderate and heavy absorbency. 

zero waste period

Plastic Free Shaving

We’ve all seen the bright pink and orange throw away razors in the store. You use them a few times then they go in the trash. Not only does this cause tons of plastic waste but it also costs a lot to keep buying razors. To save money and eliminate waste, try a double edged safety razor. This is reusable and you only need to replace the metal blades rather than the entire razor. Even when replacing the blades, you are eliminating plastics all together. By only purchasing the blades, you will save more money in the long run. 

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Sustainable Dental Care

Dental care is so important especially when it come to swapping out items to reduce waste. We brush our teeth at least 1-2 times a day, that’s a lot of supplies to be using. Instead of purchasing plastic tubes of toothpaste full of chemicals and plastic floss, try swapping these items out. For zero waste toothpaste, try toothpaste tablets.  For floss try a biodegradable, vegan dental floss

You can even swap out your plastic throw away toothbrushes for a bamboo toothbrush! All of these little changes add up to make a big difference in your dental routine each day. 

Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaning 

Bathroom cleaning products can cause tons of plastic waste but also cause harm to our bodies. They are riddled with toxins and chemicals you don’t want to be around. Simple swaps can protect you, your family, and the earth! 

Instead of liquid toilet bowl cleaner, swap for zero waste toilet cleaner fizzing bombs. These little balls are made from natural ingredients and are biodegradable. Also, grab a plastic free, wooden toilet brush to clean even deeper. 

 Instead of plastic bottles of all the bathroom cleaners, grab a glass spray bottle, reusable cotton swiffer pads, natural mayan loofah scrubbers, and reusable unpaper towels. You can create your own DIY, natural all purpose cleaning spray and use it to clean the mirrors, floors, counters, bath tubs, and any other surface in your bathroom! Doing this allows you to reduce your waste, save so much money, and eliminate chemicals. 

There’s even a zero waste dusting option! Instead of those throw away duster pads, swap for a washable duster. This works just like any store bought duster but you can remove the top and throw it in the washing machine instead of in the trash. 

plastic free wooden toilet brush

Final Tips for a Sustainable Bathroom

As you can see all of these small changes can compound to make a huge difference. Swapping an entire room in your house all at once can be stressful. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try starting with one or two items instead of everything at once. Making these little changes really do matter, and they all start with one decision to make this world a better place!

sustainable bathroom

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  1. Great article!
    If only everyone would change out one item it would help.
    We have way to much plastic items in our county.

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