The Best Sustainable Living Apps

best sustainable living apps

Did you know, your phone can help you live more sustainably? That’s right, there are tons of sustainable living apps you can download to help reduce your carbon footprint, thrift shop clothes, find water refill stations, recycling center locators, and even vegan food finders! Sustainable living no longer takes too much time or money. You have everything you need right at your fingertips for free!


Happycow is an app to help you reduce your meat intake. It provides information on restaurants, coffee shops, and other eateries that offer vegan food options. Whether you are traveling or dining out locally, you don’t have to guess where you’ll find vegan meals anymore. Plus you could find hidden gems you never knew were in your area. 


ThredUp is a thrift shopping app where you can sell or purchase used clothes. There are clothes for men, women, children, shoes, accessories, and more. You can even find winter gear or swimwear. Instead of going to the mall and purchasing another shirt, head over to ThredUp to repurpose clothing at a much cheaper price. You will even find your favorite name brands!

Ecosia Search Engine

This app is a search engine just like Google but makes a positive impact every time you use it! Once you download Ecosia, you use it the same as you would Google or Safari. Ecosia is run by a nonprofit that focuses on reforestation. It uses the ad revenue from your searches to plant a tree everytime in an area where it is needed.

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This app shows you water refill locations in your surrounding area. Instead of purchasing water bottles or cups at restaurants, this app allows you to bring a refillable container. You’ll have no problem finding a water station after downloading this app. Say goodbye to single-use cups and plastic bottles. 

Refresh Go Green

This app was built to help you eliminate the excuse that sustainable living takes too much time and money. It provides 52 steps to help you live a healthier life and impact the planet positively. If helps you stay on track to living a better life without the hassle and harm.

Think Dirty

Think Dirty is an app that focuses on helping you find sustainable, nontoxic products in the beauty, self-care, and household industries. Not only are toxic products harming your body but they are also harming our earth. Many like to use this app each time they hit the grocery store or to have a simple way of ordering sustainably at home. 


This app tracks your carbon footprint while reducing your impact on the environment. If tracking your carbon footprint seems difficult or confusing, this app will guide you through the process. Oroeco keeps track for you so you don’t have the hassle. 


RecycleNation is an app that helps you find recycling locations in your surrounding area. If recycling seems hard or confusing, RecycleNation will be beneficial. No more driving around looking for recycle centers. This app has you covered to conveniently drop off your items. 

Fat Llama

This app allows users to lend others items such as camper vans, lawnmowers, camera gear, and more for a certain amount of time. You get paid to lend while helping someone not buy the product. This protects our earth by reducing consummation. Next time you’re trying a new hobby, check Fat Llama to lend the gear. It’s better than purchasing gear and finding out you actually hate that hobby. 

Falling Fruit

If you love fresh fruit this app is for you! Falling Fruit is an app that helps find fresh fruits and other plants that are ready to harvest in your area. For example, it will have a locator for a pear tree down the road that anyone can pick from. When the pears are ripe, the app will let you know and you can grab yourself some rather than going to the store. Whether you enjoy apples or fresh corn, this app is for you. 


BlaBlaCar is a ride-sharing app so you can reduce the number of emissions from driving. Next time you need to run into the store quickly for a can of beans, use BlaBlaCar. Ride-sharing saves you from buying gas and saves the earth with less emissions. Who knows, you may even make a friend along the way!

Good On You

This app allows you to make informed choices when buying clothes. When looking for a new shirt, you can type in your favorite brand and see how sustainable it is. If it is not sustainable, Good On You recommends other options that have the same color and style that are more sustainable. It’s an easy way to shop your favorites sustainable rather than looking for hours. Every fashionista will love downloading this app.

Facebook Marketplace

When you think of sustainable apps, you may not be thinking of Facebook. After downloading this app, find Facebook Marketplace. This area of Facebook is where people sell or give away items for free that you may be looking for. Instead of buying a new halloween costume for your child, hop on Facebook Market place and get one. Not only will it save you money but it will also reduce your purchases. Giving an item another life is so beneficial to our earth. You can find almost anything you’re looking for on here. 

No matter what app you choose to download, even one will make a huge difference in your impact on this earth. Having apps ready to go makes sustainable choices easier. Instead of running to the store for a new shirt, you can shop sustainably for one on your couch. You could even make a folder on your phone with all of these apps for quick and easy access. This will make it even easier for you to choose sustainable options.  Sustainable living no longer takes too much time or money. We have all the resources we need at the tips of our fingers. 

Written By: 

Molly LaFontaine (Certified Nutritionsit and Co-Owner of Tyler + Molly)

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