Ten Ways to Celebrate Earth Day from Home

10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day from Home

Although the current health crisis has left most special occasions feeling bleak, this Earth Day we can all recognize how much staying home benefits our planet! Across the world, typically overly polluted cities have seen huge declines in air pollutants. With transportation emissions diminishing and factories reigning in their production, we’ve offered our Earth a little bit of a breather. With that said, continuing to quarantine during the pandemic on Earth Day doesn’t just protect you, but it also honors our planet at the same time! Furthermore, not only is April 22nd Earth day, but Earth Day 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day protests against environmental negligence in 1970.  With the help of 20 million Americans, this event in history instigated an entire movement of people prepared to fight for our planet. So, let’s make sure we celebrate Earth Day in a big way this year! For the 50th anniversary, I’ve decided to compile a list of ten ways to celebrate Earth Day from home to help you decide how to honor our planet.

Plant a Tree

Deforestation causes around 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That is nearly the same amount of emissions that all of the cars and trucks on the planet create! Therefore, this Earth Day, make up for one of those trees by planting a new one near you. Planting a tree can help the planet in so many ways. Not only will a tree make any landscape look more beautiful, but it also creates oxygen and stores carbon. By planting a tree, you can help rid the area of pollutants while creating space for wildlife to thrive. A tree can host an entire ecosystem of wildlife! When choosing what tree to plant, make sure you find one that will thrive in your area. Personally, I love choosing trees that also fruit. Then, you can look forward to some homegrown nutrition for years to come. 

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Start Composting

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Beginning a new eco friendly habit on Earth Day is a great way to honor our planet. When I first began my zero waste journey, learning to compost became one of my favorite eco conscious decisions. For my family, it is the gift that never stops giving. Instead of creating food waste, we put all of it in our compost tumbler. After it finishes creating nutrient rich soil, we put it right into our garden to help produce more nutrient rich foods! If you don’t have the space for an entire tumbler, you can always make your own composter for a porch or balcony out of a rubbermaid container. Furthermore, in my town, we have a local compost company that will come pick up your compost. If you do not have the space for compost or enough plants to use the compost, this could be the best option for you! What local companies near you provide a composting service? If this task feels overwhelming to you, check out my other blog post to help you get started, Composting for Rookies

 celebrate earth day at home

Pick Up Trash in your Neighborhood

Unfortunately, I’ve still spotted plenty of litter on my evening walks with Vasco. During the pandemic, taking time to clean up our neighborhoods celebrates Earth Day in a beautiful way. Although we have to quarantine away from others right now, picking up trash in your neighborhood can create a sense of community and solidarity. Furthermore, picking up trash in your neighborhood will honor the planet by preventing wildlife from unintentionally consuming it or using it for their homes. 

Plant Seed Bombs

Pollinators make sure that around 90% of the world’s flowering plants reproduce each year. Almost all of our fruit and grain crops in America depend on pollinators like honey bees and butterflies. Therefore, spreading seed bombs helps these essential workers thrive and support important ecosystems. If you want to decorate your yard and neighborhood with wildflowers, you can find them in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow shop! All you have to do is dampen them a little, and then find the perfect spot for them to grow! 

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Support a Local Farmer

If your town follows similar protocols to mine, the local farmers’ market probably came to a halt at least a month ago. Regardless, our farmers quickly began spreading more of their produce to our local CSA to avoid food waste and came up with more creative ways to reach the public. Not only do these farms have nutritious food to share, but they need your support. To celebrate Earth Day from home, consider supporting a local farmer for all of the produce you need this week. Alternatively, sign up for a CSA if you do not already participate in one or begin shopping at a local Co-op if your community has one. 

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Donate to a Cause

If you have the income currently, donating to an eco conscious cause is a great way to celebrate Earth Day from home! If you do not have an organization in mind, consider donating to Earth Day Network. They work to unite all of the groups helping our planet by working with over 75,000 partners in over 190 countries. In addition, I also love to support The Jane Goodall Institute and 1% for the Planet. Every dollar counts towards helping our planet thrive. Which eco friendly organizations do you like to support? 

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Celebrate Digitally 

While quarantining may cause everyone to go a little stir crazy sometimes, the internet has united us in a large and wonderful way. In the past, I’ve always searched for ways to lower my screen time. However, during the current pandemic, I have loved FaceTiming my family and having virtual happy hours over Zoom. Similarly, most Earth Day celebrations have moved to a virtual platform given the current circumstances. For example, the University of Georgia announced that they would host an Earth Day themed virtual art exhibition from local artists and a Facebook Live outdoor yoga session! With that said, see what your local library, universities, and businesses have planned for you virtually! In addition, if you go to www.earthday.org, you can find plenty of virtual activities organized by age and location to participate in from the comfort of your home. 

Do an Eco Craft with your Kids

On Earth Day, attempt to use this time to include your child in an Earth Day activity. In order to continue the fight against environmental ignorance, we must make sure our future generations understand the importance of caring for our planet. Therefore, bringing awareness to Earth Day from a young age can help solidify this as a value for them as well! Try one of these crafts that use upcycled materials to make something beautiful!

DIY Watering Can from a Milk Jug

Tin Can Bird Feeder

Cereal Box Nesting Dolls

Watch a Documentary About the Earth 

How many other quratine-ers feel like they have completely consumed all of Netflix already?? I know I have caught up on so many of my favorite shows! Instead of continuing your Ozark or Love is Blind binge, spend Earth Day learning about our planet and how we affect it. Currently, A Plastic Ocean, Mission Blue, or Night on Earth can all be found on Netflix along with many others. Learning about our planet can help us stay equipped to help and support it. 

Give an Eco Friendly Gift

During the current health crisis, I have attempted to spread as much kindness as I can. Many people have to quarantine alone during this time, and that can become very isolating. If you have a friend that you would like to pass a little love along to, try sending them an eco friendly gift. Not only will you spread joy to them, but you could help them develop a new zero waste habit that, in turn, helps our planet. Head over to the Tiny Yellow Bungalow website to peruse the shop. Perhaps a new kitchen scrubber, produce bags, or a soap bar would brighten someone’s day and help you and your friend celebrate Earth Day from the comfort of your homes! 

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Although we have to celebrate this Earth Day a little differently than we have in the past, I am so grateful that we can help the planet by continuing to keep ourselves safe at home. While a lot of anxiety continues to spread in the midst of this pandemic, I hope we can recognize the positives and appreciate our planet at the same time. Even if you don’t actively choose an Earth Day activity this year, we have all helped our planet by sheltering in place. What other ideas do you have to celebrate Earth Day from home this year? Stay connected, and share them below!

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