beginner's guide to zero waste
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beginner’s guide to zero waste

The Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste   People often ask me how to begin a zero waste lifestyle. It can seem overwhelming to adopt new habits. Therefore, I’ve whipped up a simple beginner’s guide to zero waste in order to help those of you feeling a little lost. From mason jars to bamboo toothbrushes, I[…]

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eco-friendly, zero waste online shopping

It’s coming up on one year since I opened the Tiny Yellow Bungalow zero waste online shop. What better time than now to talk about the struggles and triumphs of operating an eco-friendly, zero waste online shop! After a year’s experience, I’m excited to answer those burning questions of how can you strive for a zero waste lifestyle and[…]

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no more plastic water bottles

I’m not really sure when it was decided that drinking water from a plastic bottle is superior to tap water, but it’s high time a few myths concerning bottled water are clarified. Honestly, bottled water is way more expensive and surprisingly less regulated than tap water. Check out this video by the Story of Stuff[…]

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reduce toxins in the kitchen: bamboo cooking utensils

(Bamboo Cooking Utensils available at our shop, here!) Many people, including myself, have been concerned about chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones in their groceries. We try to buy the best, most healthful ingredients to feed our families, but some haven’t realized another toxin culprit in the kitchen which is cooking with plastic. Nowadays, materials such as teflon,[…]