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zero waste shaving: safety razor

Zero Waste Shaving: How to Use a Safety Razor Over the past year, I’ve been slowly making simple switches for a more eco friendly, zero waste lifestyle. Last fall, I was down to my last few disposable razors so I asked for a safety razor for Christmas. Safety razors are an excellent sustainable option because[…]

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room by room guide to a zero waste home

Room by Room Guide to a Zero Waste Home When I first started learning about zero waste several years ago, the whole concept was a little overwhelming. I started carrying reusable shopping bags at the grocery store and learned about composting in my backyard. As I read about different waste reducing ideas, I tried them[…]

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eco friendly, zero waste inspired packing and moving

Eco friendly, Zero Waste Inspired Packing and Moving Tips The packing has begun! I am leaving¬†my precious little Texas bungalow to move to my beautiful home state of Georgia next week. I know from past packing¬†experiences that moving to a new place can be quite wasteful and hardly eco-conscious. So I’m trying to be more[…]

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zero waste deodorant

For the past several years, I’ve been hunting for a good, natural deodorant option that actually works. Perhaps my pits are just extra smelly, but I’ve really struggled with finding one that’s effective. My hunt for a natural deodorant started long before my hunt for a zero waste deodorant. Needless to say, I was pretty[…]