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waste conscious air travel

I’m finally getting back to the daily grind in Houston after a two week vacation to Croatia and Turkey. I’m aware that travelling thousands of miles by plane isn’t remotely environmentally friendly. But what I didn’t prepare myself for was the amount of waste involved in air travel. For the past few months, I’ve been[…]

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shopping secondhand for wallet and world

This past weekend I went to a local community yard sale to do some treasure hunting. Shopping secondhand is an excellent opportunity to lessen your impact on the Earth and your wallet. You’d be shocked to find what some people consider trash. We live in a single use, disposable product obsessed society, and I think it’s[…]

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big house, little house: downsizing for sustainability

I’ve lived in Houston the past few years, and I’m not sure if it’s the whole “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” way of life but the houses here are gigantic. This city is filled with egregious mansions. However, what’s more disturbing in my opinion is that in my neighborhood, beautiful tiny bungalows, full of history, are being[…]