zero waste sink essentials
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room by room guide to a zero waste home

Room by Room Guide to a Zero Waste Home When I first started learning about zero waste several years ago, the whole concept was a little overwhelming. I started carrying reusable shopping bags at the grocery store and learned about composting in my backyard. As I read about different waste reducing ideas, I tried them[…]

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5 simple sustainable switches

It’s official, I’ve been blogging now for one whole year. Happy Blogiversary to me! It’s been such an exciting year experimenting with sustainable living and learning zero waste practices. I am especially thankful for being introduced to the Zero Waste Bloggers Network this year. The community has been so encouraging and a real motivation in sustainable[…]

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reduce toxins in the kitchen: bamboo cooking utensils

(Bamboo Cooking Utensils available at our shop, here!) Many people, including myself, have been concerned about chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones in their groceries. We try to buy the best, most healthful ingredients to feed our families, but some haven’t realized another toxin culprit in the kitchen which is cooking with plastic. Nowadays, materials such as teflon,[…]