Natural Remedies to Rid your Garden of Snails

Natural Remedies to Rid your Garden of Snails

My little plants have really been enjoying this rainy spring weather in Houston and are growing beautifully. However, in the past few weeks, I’ve started to notice little bites out of my vegetable plants. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind sharing a few leaves with the backyard snails, but this week I’ve noticed an INVASION.

Natural Remedies to Rid your Garden of Snails

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They. Are. Everywhere. My poor plants are riddled with holes. What’s a girl to do to fight those pesky snails without chemicals?

I’m sure seasoned organic gardeners in cyberspace are smirking.

I’ve spent the past couple of days pulling the snails off the plants one by one (and tossing them into the neighbors yard… don’t tell). But I was curious if there’s a more effective organic method of ridding my garden of snails.

I’ve scoured the internet a little and here’s what I’ve read are some possible solutions.

  • Beer. Place a dish full of beer in your garden over night and it will extract snails.
  • Egg Shells. Crush up egg shells and scatter them in your garden. Snails won’t enjoy the sharp edges of the shells and also the calcium from the shells is great for the soil.
  • Natural Predators. Encourage birds and toads to stick around your garden, because they are natural predators to snails. Plants small shrubs and provide hedges that will encourage these animals to stay.
  • Handpick. Stick to my current plan of manually removing the snails one by one.  

So do you have any advice on organic snail prevention? What is your best Natural Remedies to Rid your Garden of Snails?

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1 thought on “Natural Remedies to Rid your Garden of Snails

  1. I like that picture of your garden products, even if your leave looks like she just went through some pain. I am with you as far as looking for an alternative to get rid of snails that doesnt include using pesticides. Well I also looked online and I found that the beer and egg shells are common ones, but there are a lot of other options you can try! like coffe, copper etc.. look at the link below and you can see some other options.
    But, one thing I can recommend is to do several at the same time, mathematically that would improve your chances of getting rid of the snails. You can combine the easy ones like: shells, beer and coffee. Maybe that will work 🙂

    here is the link i was telling you about:

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