shopping secondhand for wallet and world

shopping secondhand for wallet and world

This past weekend I went to a local community yard sale to do some treasure hunting. Shopping secondhand is an excellent opportunity to lessen your impact on the Earth and your wallet. You’d be shocked to find what some people consider trash. We live in a single use, disposable product obsessed society, and I think it’s important to see the benefits of reusing what we already have. Rather than creating more waste by constantly consuming new products, we can revitalize used products to fit our needs. Not to mention, rummaging for treasures is pretty fun, especially when finding a good bargain!

Check out what I came home with this Saturday afternoon!

  • Vintage Tennis Racket – $3
  • Gently Used Golf Balls – $1.50
  • Small Wooden Bowl – $1
  • Brand New Pottery Barn Picture Frame – $1.50
  • Clue Board Game with all the pieces – $1
  • Vintage Red Handbag – $2
  • Used Wooden Picture Frame (needed a frame for the ship print) – $1.50

Grand Total of $11.50 Spent! 

shopping secondhand


Community yard sales are a great place to find interesting secondhand goods! I also recommend exploring estate sales in your local area. I know there are several apps for iPhone that help you locate yard sales in your area. Yard Sale Treasure Map is the app that I currently use. You can also check your local newspaper, and I’ve even heard of some communities having a Facebook group for bartering and selling used goods.

Happy Treasure Hunting Everyone!  

1 thought on “shopping secondhand for wallet and world

  1. Yes I love finding little treasures in yard sales, state sales and second hand sales! personally i like to find on those sales cool furniture, records, house decoration things and sometimes even some cool art.
    I am going to download that app you recommended!
    thanks for sharing!

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