Seed Probiotic: Leading the Way in Sustainable Packaging

Seed Probiotic

Seed Probiotic: Leading the Way in Sustainable Packaging

Companies that sell sustainable products wrapped in plastic packaging have always surprised me. But it’s so common! I’ve had this conversation with many brands in the past:

Me: “Oh wow, I love your [enter eco friendly product]! Have you ever considered switching to plastic free packaging? Maybe something compostable?”

Sustainable brand: “We just don’t have the resources and technology to create that kind of packaging at the moment.”


Sustainable brand: “We have a team of experts working to improve our packaging!” … but the packaging rarely changes.

This blog post is sponsored by one of my all time favorite brands, Seed. Read this post, and you’ll understand why 🙂 

Regardless, I’ve found a brand that has absolutely exceeded my expectations for finding the technology and resources to create super sustainable packaging. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about Seed before. Perhaps you’ve seen them in my post Plastic Free Supplements I Take Regularly. Often, I’m boasting about their wonderful prebiotic + probiotic supplement that they’ve worked so hard to create. However, today I want to highlight what a great job they’re doing when it comes to packaging. Seed Probiotic definitely leads the way in sustainable packaging. Not only do they have completely compostable packaging, but they also have the perfect refill system to prevent their customers from regularly purchasing more and more glass bottles.

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Algae Sourced Alternative for Plastic Packaging

When you first purchase Seed prebiotic + probiotic supplements, you will receive a Welcome Kit that includes a glass jar, a glass vial, and a refill of supplements. Seed uses a box created from biodegradable algae paper to package your kit. Not only can you compost this algae paper in your home compost, but they create it from overgrowths of algae that may otherwise harm fragile marine ecosystems. Often, when I purchase sustainably packaged products, they tend to only have packaging that can be commercially composted. Personally, I love that Seed has committed to making sure that I can throw this packaging in my compost tumbler at home. This makes my life so much easier! Furthermore, the portion of the packaging that keeps your jars in place is made from the renewable ingredients starch, natural fibers, and water. That means, you can compost this in your home compost as well!

Seed Probiotic

Compostable Packing Material

Aside from the packing for the kits, they package the refills of supplements in corn foam, which is water soluble. When you empty your supplements into one of your jars, you just run it under water, and it dissolves immediately. This advancement in packing peanuts has been crucial for sustainability. Packing peanuts and styrofoam remain some of the most difficult packaging materials to recycle. In fact, most recycling facilities don’t accept it at all, causing it to largely end up in landfills or the ocean. Therefore, using water soluble peanuts changed the game for packaging. I love that seed has chosen to use this type of packaging in conjunction with their algae sourced packaging.

Seed Probiotic Refill System

And finally, the jars themselves are made from glass. Of course, you can recycle glass, but why recycle it when you can endlessly reuse it? Only about a third of glass products get recycled in their lifetime. When we do recycle glass, it can become a very expensive and difficult process. Not many end markets exist for glass, it is very heavy to transport, and it often gets contaminated. Therefore, when you have a glass product, it’s important to use it as many times as you can. Seed makes this so easy with their refill system! Keep your glass jars from your first Welcome Kit, and simply refill them with the supplement refill that arrives monthly. In addition to the larger glass jar, Seed makes sure to provide you with a travel jar, as well. When traveling, it’s so convenient to have this smaller glass vial to save space when I’m packing!

Always Innovating

Honestly, I can’t think of anymore ways to have a more sustainably packaged product. Seed has thought of everything! However, the coolest aspect of Seed’s business model is their commitment to innovation. Regularly, Seed improves their packaging and products to stay as sustainable as they can. Seed’s research and development team devotes their time to learning how to make sure that Seed is as kind to the environment as they can be. Their pursuit of new materials and sustainable solutions is ongoing. In fact, in the time that I have partnered with Seed, I have watched their packaging advance from mushroom based packaging (mycelium) to their new algae based packaging. While both compostable, the mycelium packaging was heavier. This increased shipping weight, which increased their overall carbon footprint. I love that I can trust that Seed doesn’t just talk about searching for new solutions, but they actually make these goals a reality.

Seed Probiotic

Hold Brands Accountable

It’s clear that sustainable and plastic free packaging IS possible. Simply put, businesses need to prioritize it in order for it to become a reality. It’s so important that we hold brands accountable for not only the quality of their products but their packaging as well. Seed acts as a great leader and example of sustainable packaging. Let’s encourage other eco brands to innovate and care for the planet as fiercely as Seed does!

Seed Probiotic Holiday Special

The team at Seed knows that this holiday season is unlike any other. We’re all doing what we need to do to stay safe. And honestly, health seems to have become a priority for many people at the moment. Seed wants to help make choosing healthier choices a little easier. They’re currently offering the Tiny Yellow Bungalow community 15% off your first month of the Daily Synbiotic. Simply use coupon code TYB15! I’ve been partnering with Seed for a while now, and this is the steepest discount I’ve seen them offer. I definitely recommend that you take advantage of it if you can!  There are tons of reasons to start supplementing with a probiotic. Head over to Seed’s website to learn the basics of pro and prebiotics and why Seed’s supplements really outshine all other supplements!



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  1. The paper pouches the refills come in are compostable, but not recyclable and they do not dissolve in water. Since most people do not own a compost bin or have access to a composting program, they have to throw them in the garbage, which is usually put in a plastic bag where there is no oxygen and hence will remain there for many years until it produces methane gas and damages the environment.

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