Single Use Plastic Bags are the Worst. Here’s Why:

single use plastic bags

Single Use Plastic Bags are the Worst. Here’s Why:

In my sustainability journey, an essential thing I’ve learned  is that refusing single use plastic bags is one of the easiest ways to help the environment. It’s always my first advice to anyone interested in a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. It seems like something that would be inconsequential in the big environmentalism picture. However, these bags really add up.  More than 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide and less than 3% are recycled, which leaves us with a huge plastic bag pollution problem.

Bring Your Own Bags

I’ll admit, remembering to bring my reusable shopping bags to the store definitely took some getting used to. But did you know, it’s been stated that it generally takes 21 days to form a habit. Once you get used to bringing your own bags, the plastic bag epidemic will really become more apparent to you. I ran into the grocery store one day just to grab a stick of deodorant, and the cashier put the stick in a plastic bag… madness! Just this past weekend, I bought a few things at the store and since I didn’t have my reusable bags with me, proceeded to carry all my goodies in my arms to the car.  I definitely got a few stares 🙂

In the beginning of my green living experiments, I chose to use the brown paper bags provided at the grocery store. I figured that since it wasn’t plastic, it most be the better choice. I learned later that, even though you can easily recycle paper bags, they require a lot more energy to produce than plastic bags.

The next best option was the inexpensive $.99 reusable plastic bags at the check out line with the store logo on the front. I loved the affordability of these bags but soon found out how difficult they were to keep clean. That was one of my “a-ha” moments when I thought, “Geez, I really wish there was a website that did all this research beforehand for me and provided the best ecofriendly solutions in one spot.” This was the motivation for my creating the tiny yellow bungalow online eco shop. I thought in my few months of blogging, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I’ve researched and experimented with many different eco choices and listed my favorite items in the shop for purchase!

The Best Reusable Shopping Bags

I have several reusable shopping bags available in the shop at the moment and here’s why I love them:

Classic Essential Tote Bag – I love this bag for two reasons – it’s sophistication and durability. I chose this bag for the shop for it’s simple color scheme. This makes it not only great for shopping at the grocery store, but I can use it at the beach or take it with me clothes shopping. It’s elegant. I also love that it’s lightweight but strong, and you can fold it up to fit in your purse or bag. It’s easy to wash too, unlike my previous cheapy grocery reusable bags.

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Large Tiny Yellow Bungalow Cotton Tote Bag – I have always loved simple canvas bags. They are sturdy and strong, to hold a large quantity of items. A lot of times, this is the single bag I carry when grocery shopping, because it can hold so much.

Black & Yellow Reusable 24-7 Foldable Shopping Bags – There are two color options for the 24-7 Foldable Bag. The best part about these bags is that they are “grab and go”. You can roll them up into a tiny ball that can fit in my bag. Meaning, I have no excuses for not bringing a reusable bag. I can have one with me at all times! Again, this one is easy to keep clean by turning inside out and throwing it into the washing machine.

  single use plastic bags

Reusable Produce Bags – The mesh produce bags are one of my favorite tiny yellow bungalow products. I like that they are transparent so the cashier can easily ring them up. I also like that you can toss them in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Another important point is that you can use these bags for purposes other than produce; they’re very versatile. You could use them for bulk shopping or I use mine when travelling.

single use plastic bags

Have you made the reusable bag switch?!

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2 thoughts on “Single Use Plastic Bags are the Worst. Here’s Why:

  1. I love every bag idea here!! It has been my same journey. I purchased handfuls of the $.99 reusable bags only to learn that they get dirty and damp from food items, so I became concerned about their cleanliness. Washable bags are definitely the way to go!

    1. Exactly, washable bags are definitely superior! When choosing bags to sell in my online shop, it was really important to me for them all to be extremely durable. They can all be thrown in the washing machine, and I sell one type of bag that can even hold up to 35 lbs!! 🙂

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