reduce toxins in the kitchen: bamboo cooking utensils

Reduce Toxins in the Kitchen: Bamboo Cooking Utensils

bamboo cooking utensils

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Many people, including myself, have been concerned about chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones in their groceries. We try to buy the best, most healthful ingredients to feed our families, but some haven’t realized another toxin culprit in the kitchen which is cooking with plastic. Nowadays, materials such as teflon, BPA, lead, aluminum, and phthalates are commonly found in our kitchenware and can be potentially toxic to our health.

So I decided when moving to Georgia to get rid of my old beaten up plastic utensils and purchase some bamboo cooking utensils! Another great alternative is stainless steel, however this material tends to scratch pots and pans. I love my bamboo cooking set, because it’s gentle on my kitchenware.

Another excellent advantage to bamboo utensils is that they do not conduct heat. So if you leave one of your bamboo spoons in a heated pot it won’t be too hot for you to handle. If you left a plastic spoon on the cook top, it would probably melt…

I love that, unlike their plastic counterparts, bamboo cooking utensils won’t leach nasty chemicals into all your delicious meals. I think most importantly though is that using bamboo is the most sustainable option! Choosing bamboo is choosing a resource that is biodegradable and renewable. Bamboo grows extremely fast which makes in an excellent eco-conscious choice as well.

Recap: Advantages of Bamboo Cooking Utensils

  • don’t scratch kitchenware
  • don’t conduct heat
  • no leaching of chemicals
  • environmentally responsible

bamboo cooking utensils

Grab your very own set of plastic free cooking utensils in our eco online shop today! Purchasing a sustainable product is making a vote against harming the planet; you CAN make a difference! :)

1 thought on “reduce toxins in the kitchen: bamboo cooking utensils

  1. That’s a great alternative for the plastic utensils you get on normal grocery stores! And the price is great as well!
    Its so good to have these alternatives to household products that nowadays are all mostly made of plastic, which like you mention are bad for you and the environment, and somehow they are really easy to get, but the good and healthy options are the “hard” ones to find. Thank you for sharing this.

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