The Zero Waste Vegan Cookbook


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The Zero Waste Vegan Cookbook

Finally, The Zero Waste Vegan Cookbook is here! Twenty eight recipes, or one month’s worth of healthy plant based meals, fill the pages of thisĀ one of a kind digital cookbook. It truly makes cooking zero waste and vegan dinners effortless and uncomplicated.

Would you like to try out one of the recipes before purchasing the cookbook? Be sure to check out ourĀ Vegan Veggie Curry Recipe on the blog! This is just one of the 28 super delicious and healthful recipes you will find in our digital cookbook. Other recipes include: hearty lentil soup, sun dried tomato and asparagus risotto, Indian spiced quinoa, and warm roasted veggie pasta salad.

As a busy mom and shop owner, I created this book of quick and simple recipes to make dinner time easier for our family. Each recipes makes about four servings.

This is an electronic cookbook which means no waiting for shipment just delicious recipes straight to your inbox!!

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