Washable Duster


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Washable Duster

This washable duster is handmade from dead stock fabric.

Disposable dusters are a thing of the past! Choose a reusable duster instead!

These washable dusters are made from multiple layers of fleece that was either dead stock or once a blanket or pair of pajamas. The duster tendrils create static electricity. Although we normally hate that static electricity when snuggling up in a fleece blanket, it is perfect for attracting dust bunnies and collection of dust! It has clinging power similar to that of microfiber cloths.

And once the reusable duster head is dirty, simply remove it from the handle and throw it in the washing machine. Machine wash in hot or warm water with similar colors.

The custom made wood handle is made without any metal hardware and comes with a jute loop to hang it. At the end of its useful life, the entire removable wood handle is home compostable.

Shop Planet B dusting heads do work with some leading brand duster handles, but we cannot guarantee it. While this particular duster with wooden handle doesn’t have an extendable handle, you could easily attach the washable head to an extendable handle of your own.

We have a variety of cute flannel prints. Be sure to check the website regularly because we restock with different prints from time to time. The flannel layers are great for accessing tight spaces, dusting shutters, ceiling fan, etc.

This washable duster is similar to the Marley’s Monsters duster but at a more affordable price point.

We love supporting small businesses like Shop Planet B!

You can order the washable duster head by itself or with the custom-made wood handle attachment.

We have several other sustainable cleaning supply items for your eco-friendly lifestyle in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow shop including loofah dish scrubbers, compostable bottle brushes, unpaper towels, bamboo pot scrapers, and Savon de Marseille solid dish soap blocks.

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