Vegan Reusable Wax Food Wraps


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Vegan Reusable Wax Food Wraps

These vegan reusable wax food wraps are the perfect plastic free, zero waste, and vegan alternative to disposable plastic wrap now available in the shop. We were excited with the popularity of beeswax wraps floating around the internet but really wanted not only a plastic free alternative but also vegan! We found these food wraps and couldn’t wait to share them with you!

These fabulous Retro Apple designed wraps will suit any kitchen!

Three pack consists of one 35cm x 32cm (great for leftover dinner, large salad bowls or 1/2 a pumpkin!) and two 25cm squares (perfect for sandwiches, avocados or cut veg).

This handy three pack gives you two of the super popular sandwich or snack size, 25 x 25cm and one of the larger size for big rolls/wraps and covering salad bowls etc, 35 x 35cm.

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