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Tiny Yellow Bungalow Zero Waste Gift Card

A zero waste gift card for your favorite passionately plastic free friends!!

We try to keep things as waste free as possible around here. That includes our Tiny Yellow Bungalow gift cards! Our gift cards are purely digital. You don’t have to wait for a physical gift card to be shipped to your house. Instead, a digital gift card code will arrive straight to your inbox. Zero waste score!! 🙂

We have all kinds of great plastic free and eco friendly items in the shop. From organic, vegan shampoo bars to stainless steel lunch containers to plastic free dish washing soap, we’ve got all of your waste free product needs covered in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow shop! Go take a peak at the shop for yourself! <3

For more great zero waste tips, check out our Zero Waste Lifestyle Pinterest board!

Are you new to the zero waste lifestyle? You might want to check out the Tiny Yellow Bungalow eco blog. We’ve got lots of posts about all things plant based, zero waste, and eco friendly. You can start with our beginner’s guide to zero waste. Or maybe check out our room by room guide to a zero waste home!