Stainless Steel Cup

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  • Stainless Steel
  • Holds 8oz of Liquid
  • Perfect Alternative to Plastic Kids’ Cups
  • Special Rolled Lip, No Sharp Edges

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Stainless Steel Cup

This stainless steel cup is the perfect size for little hands, and no fear of broken glass when dropped. It holds 8 ounces of liquid and has a special rolled lip with no sharp edges! This cup is also great for the bathroom too. Oh and of course, these cups are also great for camping trips! The plastic free cup measures 3 inches in height. These simple cups are lightweight and easy to stack. They’re super durable and easy to care for as well.

This cup pairs perfectly with our Stainless Steel Small Divided Plate for the perfect kid friendly, plastic free lunch set!

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2 reviews for Stainless Steel Cup

  1. Lauren Powell (verified owner)

    This is very handy to keep by the sink in the bathroom — easy to clean, super durable, and no worries about breaking a glass.

  2. Michelle Cahoon (verified owner)

    I second the previous review. I wanted a stainless steel bathroom cup for those reasons plus to keep down bacteria growth as I don’t wash those as much. Also as a safer option for the kids bathroom. But they make great cups wherever, kitchen, bathroom, picnic 🧺..

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