Saucepan Brush


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Saucepan Brush

This is not your average kitchen saucepan brush. It’s the perfect design to clean stubborn baked on grease and grime (and look good while doing it), but just as importantly this brush is completely plastic free.

Genuine French beech wood with tough mixed vegetable fibers. Made in France. This zero waste dish brush is fully compostable since it’s made with only natural vegetable fibers and wood! It’s the perfect shape to fit snuggly in your palm for scrubby tough to clean dishes.

This zero waste saucepan brush and our Savon de Marseille soap cubes are all you need for the perfect zero waste dish washing solution!!

You may also like our smaller size Savon de Marseille cube! It’s a great plastic free alternative to conventional dish soap.

Height – 3.55″

Width – 3.55″

Depth – 3.55″

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