Plastic Free Kitchen Scrubber


  • Plastic free & Vegan
  • Biodegradable, Compost at the end of its life
  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial
  • Chemical Free & Long Lasting

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Plastic Free Kitchen Scrubber

This plastic free kitchen scrubber is a handmade natural alternative to nylon scourers, produced from unbleached
coconut fiber which is a natural anti-bacterial so it won’t become smelly or moldy. Eco Max Brushes are
Vegan, Fair Trade and biodegradable. Fat won’t congeal to the fiber and the bristles make it easy to clean kitchen utensils and appliances. It cleans without scratching enamel ware and timber bread boards, is dishwasher safe, long lasting and does not contain micro plastics that pollute our waterways and enter our food chains.

Care of your brush: Rinse and place in your dish rack to dry. Dishwasher safe. Compost at the end of their

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