Organic Bamboo Jersey Facial Cloths


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Organic Bamboo Jersey Facial Cloths – Set of 6

We love these gentle organic bamboo jersey facial cloths! These organic, sustainably grown, undyed soft facial cloths will change your life, I promise! This is buttery decadence for your sniffer.

We make these cloths from soft bamboo fabric, blended with 10% organic cotton. Each two-layer towel will do anything a disposable facial tissue can do, and then some. Use it as a hankie, make-up remover (it will stain with some products…), or (if you REALLY want to pamper your baby) a baby wipe. Throw it in the laundry and use it again and again. This tissue can handle whatever you throw at it. And the best part is, you will never again suffer that dry, red, cracked and peeling chapped nose you get from using tissues made of wood pulp and bleach. Eww!

These facial cloths were handmade with love by the mastermind behind Juniperseed Mercantile. Be sure to check out the other great natural products we carry from this awesome brand! Definitely go check out the Juniperseed Facial Moisturizer & Eye Makeup Remover that would be a perfectly paired gift to go with these soft facial cloths!

Lastly, for more great zero waste tips, check out our Zero Waste Lifestyle Pinterest board!


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