Mason Jar Baby Bottle DIY KIt


  • Mason Jar DIY baby bottles
  • Included: One Silicone Sleeve, Two Silicone Nipples, and One Plastic Cap
  • 8oz Mason Jar not included

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Mason Jar Baby Bottle

The Mason Bottle Deluxe DIY Kit includes everything you need to DIY baby bottles with your own mason jars: silicone nipples, a plastic cap, and a silicone sleeve to protect the jar. This is a great eco friendly option compared to conventional plastic baby bottles!

This product plants trees. We plant a tree for every order in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow shop


  • One Mason Bottle Silicone Sleeve
  • Two Mason Bottle Silicone Nipples
  • One Mason Bottle Plastic Cap

This Mason Bottle silicone sleeve is compatible with an 8 oz. regular-mouth mason jar.  The DIY kit comes one 8 oz. silicone sleeve and two Slow Flow Nipples as well. The kit includes a plastic cap that is compatible with any size regular-mouth mason jar.

Advanced Anti-Colic Ventilation

The nipple uses a dual-valve ventilation system that mimics the human body. Milk flows smoothly to reduce gas and colic.

***Mason Jar not included***

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