Long Handled Double Edge Safety Razor

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  • Your Eco Alternative to the Plastic Disposable Razor
  • Chrome Plated Safety Razor 
  • Great for Both Men and Women
  • Long Handle for Superior Control and Comfort
  • Pair with Double Edge Razor Blades

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Long Handled Double Edge Safety Razor

This long handled double edge safety razor is the perfect alternative to those pesky plastic disposable razors! The extra long handle of this safety razor provides a very comfortable grip, perfect for both men and women.  The razor comes with one recyclable stainless steel blade. It takes any brand of standard double-edge blades, including the razor blades we sell in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow online zero waste shop. This razor was made in Solingen, Germany by Merkur which has provided high quality safety razors for decades. This high quality razor was seriously built to last a lifetime.

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2 reviews for Long Handled Double Edge Safety Razor

  1. lippizzanner (verified owner)

    The long handle is nice and the razor doesn’t clog very much. However, I don’t feel like the blades last as long as they could. Also, the side of the blade sticks out of the side, which is sharp and cuts me when I’m shaving my nooks & crannies.

  2. agmallamo (verified owner)

    I know this particular straight razor isn’t the most glamorous or the most marketed one, but it is a really great razor nonetheless. I hear people say they’re afraid to use this because it’ll make them bleed… I have never had a shave this nice and smooth, and I was a fancy razor girl before investing in this piece. (As soon as I decided it was time to switch this product I stopped seeing them in the antique shops, of course!). The best advice I got on maintaining it: take it apart to let it completely dry after each use so that the blade doesn’t rust and it can’t grow anything icky in between there. My current blade has lasted almost a year despite weekly full-body shaves!

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