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Leaf Razor

The Leaf Razor is the last plastic free razor you’ll ever need to purchase! Meet our version of the modern razor—with a built-in pivoting head and up to three blades for a better, more sustainable shave every time.

You can load three blades for the closest shave possible. For sensitive skin or areas, load just one or two blades in the middle and/or top positions. The Leaf Razor has a spring loaded pivoting head that sets this plastic free razor apart from every other safety razor.

**Comes with a 10 Blade Starter Pack**

Loading the Blade: Open the blade holder by turning the screw counterclockwise. Load one, two, or three blades depending on your preference. Then, fasten the blade holder by turning the screw clockwise.

Picking a Blade Position: Load the top blade only for the mildest shave possible with The Leaf. Adding the middle blade gives you a moderately close shave. Using all three blades delivers the closest shave.

Head over to the Tiny Yellow Bungalow blog to learn more about zero waste shaving and to learn some simple tips for safety razor use!

You might also want to check out our plastic free handmade organic shave soap bars in the shop. These are the perfect alternative to conventional shaving cream. We especially love that the shave soap bars come wrapped in flower seed paper that you can plant to grow wildflowers. This is a great way to help the bee population! <3

Lastly, for more great zero waste tips, check out our Zero Waste Lifestyle Pinterest board!

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Chrome, Rose Gold, Black

1 review for Leaf Razor

  1. Michelle Cahoon (verified owner)

    This razor is magical on my legs. Effortless as long as the blades get replaced as needed. Takes no time at all. Replacing the blades took a minute to figure out but wasn’t very hard. I will say I like a shorter handle, single blade safety razor on more sensitive, small areas.. It is a very handsome razor. My husband was a little jealous when he saw the matte black.

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