HankyBook Organic Tissue Book: Pink Flowers


  • Reusable organic cotton handkerchief book
  • 100% certified organic cotton: pesticide , fertilizer, and insecticide free
  • Eliminates disposable tissue waste
  • Super soft, perfect for anyone on the go, allergy season, hiking, babies, glasses cleaning, etc.
  • Made in California

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HankyBook Organic Tissue Book: Pink Flowers

We love this useful little organic tissue book! 1 box of tissues for every family in the U.S. = 163,000 trees. With these innovative HankyBooks, you can eliminate tissue waste in your household altogether! The goal of the HankyBook, according to its creators, is to guide people towards a non-disposable culture. These little tissues booklets are the modern, reusable alternative to disposable tissues.

The book and its pages are made from an absorbent 100% certified organic cotton that is super duper soft! Once you’ve used up all the pages, simply toss your HankyBook in the washing machine and start all over again!

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