Fox Reusable Snack Bag


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Fox Reusable Snack Bag

A fox reusable snack bag – how cute?! This is a Snuppet! It is the ONLY Snack Bag & Puppet in one! This bag has a wipeable water resistant lining and a simple zipper closure. Snuppets make lunchtime, stroller rides and running errands FUN!
These are made with cotton exterior fabric with clean water based printing & the interior lining is BPA free, lead free, phthalate & toxin free making it clean eating for kiddos that parents love!
The characters & graffiti fabric on back are my original drawings with all kinds of positive and environmentally driven messages written into the design. (:
It is SO important to teach our children to reuse rather then dispose & Snuppets just make sure that we are having fun while we do it!

These bags can be used for food, toiletries, crayons or anything you may want on the go!

Size— 6.5″ x 7″

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