Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

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  • Fits all Double Edge Safety Razors
  • 10 Blades Per Pack
  • Pair with our Long Handled Safety Razors
  • Zero Waste Shaving

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Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

These double edge razor blades fit any standard safety razor including this one that we sell in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow online shop! They are long-lasting and recyclable. Be sure to use both sides of the blade equally when shaving so as not to accidentally dull one side of the blade. Each blade will more or less last for a month, depending on shaving frequency. Our blades are made of stainless steel and coated with platinum. Each pack comes with ten blades, individually wrapped and stored in a small plastic container. The blades were made in Solingen, Germany by Merkur.

A frequently asked question about our blades is how to you recycle the blades? We collect our blades in an aluminum can underneath the sink. When the container is full, we drop off the container at our local recycling facility. Please don’t put your blades directly in the recycling bin. We don’t want to injure recycling facility employees!

You might also want to check out our shave soap bar in the shop. It’s a wonderful soap with good lather for smooth shaving!

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1 review for Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

  1. Michelle Cahoon (verified owner)

    Works well with our safety razor and the blades work well.

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