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Best Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Cycle Dog Biodegradable Poop Bags are a great eco friendly alternative to conventional plastic dog waste bags. This brand makes their biodegradable bags from renewable resources. Rather than plastic, these are made from plant-based materials: corn and plant starches.

Responsible dog owners want to pick up their pet’s waste but in the most eco-friendly way. Cycle Dog makes the best bags that are durable and also reduce your environmental impact in comparison to traditional bags.

12 bags per roll. 6 rolls per pack.

Are Cycle Dog Earth Friendly Pickup Bags compostable bags??

These dog poop bags are made from a plant and corn starch blend – biodegradable material! Recently, the state of California changed their packaging laws requiring that anything stating ‘Biodegradable’ must also be compostable. The composting process standard is quite interesting as it requires products to degrade under ASTM6400 standards, which states products must be “compostable in industrial composting facilities”. These same industrial composters do not allow pet waste in their industrial facilities. Thus, you cannot compost a bag that meets ASTM D compostable standards if it contains pet waste! Our bags are biodegradable but not compostable. They should go into the trash bin not compost.

It’s not a perfect solution but these eco-friendly dog poop bags are definitely the more sustainable option in comparison to plastic dog poop bags. Plastic poop bags are made from fossil fuels.

We like this brand of biodegradable dog bags because they are just has strong and durable as traditional plastic bags. Compostable dog poop bags are notorious for being flimsy and ripping easily but that’s not the case with these bags! These are excellent quality bags.

They’re the perfect size as well – effective even for waste from large dogs. Really great option for dogs of all sizes.

Made in the United States.

Great value at $.13 per bag.

Unscented Bags

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