plant based nutrition

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” – Thomas Edison 

plant based nutrition

 This week I finished the plant based nutrition certificate program with eCornell. I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned from not only the coursework and instructors but also through my hardworking peers. It is exciting to be part of a movement towards health. In addition, I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you guys.

Plant based nutrition has interested me for the past few years. However, what I find frustrating is that the rest of the citizens in the United States seems pretty lost when it comes to understanding nutrition. Moreover, we get our basic knowledge of nutrition from public policy which provides us with tools like the Food Pyramid, which is now called My Plate.

However, what we don’t know is that the information we have is often tainted by industry influences, meaning the food, drug, dietary supplement, and medical practice industry. That is to say, these industries want you to buy their products (they have no concern for your health) so they fund research that supports their products which eventually becomes understood as general knowledge for the public. This little bit of information shocked me. The promotion of overall health is not the goal for these industries?? No. That is to say, Nutrition isn’t a profitable concept. Rather than teach our citizens proper nutrition, we spend billions of dollars each year on bypass surgeries, supplements, and cholesterol medications which don’t solve any health problems. We are treating symptoms of chronic diseases… not actual diseases.

Seven out of the ten leading causes of death in the United States are related to diet. This is huge.

1. Heart Disease *                                                                           * = linked to diet

2. Cancer *                                                                                    (I want to credit this information to my

3. Lower Respiratory Stroke *                                                  eCornell Plant Based Nutrition Course)

4. Stroke *

5. Accident

6. Alzheimer’s Disease *

7. Diabetes *

8. Influenza & Pneumonia

9. Nephritis Syndromes *

10. Suicide

It’s so sad that many of the most common health issues in the U.S. are easily preventable by proper nutrition. In addition, what upsets me more is many people have no knowledge of this information.

I realize this information is unpleasant. The good news is that changing to a whole foods plant based diet can really improve your health and help prevent chronic disease. I definitely encourage you to do some research on nutrition and health yourself. One of the most important things learned in my nutrition class was to be very critical of any information you hear. In other words, follow the information to the source and analyze to decide what you believe is right.

If you have any questions about plant based nutrition or would like advice in transitioning to a more healthful diet, please don’t hesitate to ask! In conclusion, I am really excited about sharing my passion for healthy wholistic eating and would love to hear your stories 🙂

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  1. I agree so much! It has become more and more apparent to me as I go Zero Waste and research that it is absolutely necessary to incorporate a more plant-based diet into my daily life. Currently an avid carnivore, but more and more vegetarian as time goes by. The goal? Full-on vegan! Baby steps, however 🙂

    1. Yay! Good luck in your zero waste and plant based journey! With an environmentalist heart, I was so surprised when I found that switching to a plant based diet is more effective in helping reduce emissions than driving a hybrid car. If you haven’t seen the documentary Cowspiracy, I definitely recommend it, it’s really eye opening! And thanks for taking the time to check out my blog 😀

      1. I definitely will watch it! And of course, it’s been my goal on the long weekend to find fellow zero-waste bloggers to learn, learn, learn 🙂

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