zero waste bag
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What’s In My Zero Waste Bag?

What’s In My Zero Waste Bag? A pretty common topic fluttering around the blogosphere these days is “What’s in My Handbag?” Bloggers usually give a run down of all of their essentials, beauty and otherwise, that they carry in their bag on a regular basis. I, for one, do not like lugging around a heavy[…]

beginner's guide to zero waste
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Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste

The Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste People often ask me how to begin a zero waste lifestyle. It can seem overwhelming to adopt new habits. Therefore, I’ve whipped up a simple beginner’s guide to zero waste in order to help those of you feeling a little lost. From mason jars to bamboo toothbrushes, I have[…]

zero waste remedies for cold & flu season
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Zero Waste Remedies for Cold & Flu Season

Zero Waste Remedies for Cold & Flu Season Fall is here! With the addition of the refreshing cool weather also comes cold and flu season unfortunately. This week, I’ve had my first cold of the season, yuck! Before jumping to over the counter cold and flu remedies that typically come packaged in plastic bottles, I like[…]

zero waste bathroom
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5 Simple Switches for a Zero Waste Bathroom

5 Simple Switches for an Zero Waste Bathroom I think transitioning to a more eco-conscious lifestyle should be simple so that everyone can do it! Before my research in sustainability, my bathroom was full of chemical laden products and lots of plastic. I’m very pleased with my minimal waste, ecofriendly bathroom now.  I’d love to[…]