Non Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

Non Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

Did you know 26.8 million toys are thrown away each year? Australia alone spends over $1 billion on new toys at Christmas time. That is a lot of toys! This year instead of gifting the kiddos toys, try another variety of gift giving. You get to be more creative with presents and the kids will feel just as excited to receive them. 

Non-toy gifts can be anything from tickets to events and museums to musical instruments and camping supplies. Non-toy gifts don’t have to be boring. More times than not kids get even more excited to receive them. Who wouldn’t want to visit a children’s museum or get their very own camping supplies? Let’s dive into a list of the best non-toy gifts for kids this year’s holiday season. 

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Art and Craft Supplies

Craft and art supplies are a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. Some great ideas are coloring books and star shaped eco friendly crayons, bracelet making kit, scrapbooking supplies, finger paint, and even a mini birdhouse painting kit. There are so many options to choose from for all ages. There are even craft supply subscriptions. What a perfect gift for the creative child in your life!

Tickets to Events 

Event tickets are a gift in multiple ways. It’s exciting when the kids unwrap them, the anticipation of waiting, and when you finally get to go! Some event ticket ideas are a local museum, sporting events, ballet or theatre shows, kids comedian, concerts and even monster truck shows. These are just to name a few. There are so many endless possibilities with this gift idea. 

Camping Supplies

If your kids love the outdoors, giving them a few camping supplies of their own is a great option. If you do not enjoy camping but your kids do, that’s okay! Have indoor camping in your living room or even out in your backyard. They’ll have a blast. If you are a camping lover, pair this gift with a camping trip for a bundled gift idea. Some camping gift item ideas are a sleeping bag, mini lanterns, a book bag, water bottle, and even binoculars. You could even get them a gift card to your favorite local outdoor equipment store so they can choose what they’d like.

Sports Gear

For the sport loving kiddos, gift them some sporting gear of their own. If they are fans of football, give them a pair of gloves, a nice football, and even a jersey. If they are fans of basketball, get them a mini basketball goal and basketball. For kids that don’t know what they like in the sports world, gift them a collection of sports equipment so they can learn what they like the most. 

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Musical Instruments

Instruments can be both fun and educational. While your child is learning to play their instrument, it’s working a different part of their brain that normally isn’t exercised. You could gift them something simple like a recorder, flute, or keyboard. Or you could go with a guitar or mini piano and pair it with lessons for a bundled gift. 


Puzzles are good gifts for kids of all ages. Whether you have 5 year olds or a 15 year old, there’s something for everyone. You can go with the traditional puzzles with a scenery your child adores or you can do an untraditional puzzle. Untraditional puzzles are mind time games that you try to solve. These puzzles are so much fun! There’s an endless variety of choices when it comes to puzzles.

Sewing Items

Sewing is a wonderful skill for any child to learn so why not make it fun? This year for Christmas, gift your kiddos a mini sewing machine, knitting supplies, or even crocheting supplies. If you aren’t sure how to sew, head over to YouTube and learn the basics or join your kids and learn together. Get a few different colors of yarn or material and let the kids pick what they want to use. You could make hats, scarves, blankets, and even slippers together. 


The variety of classes you could gift a child is endless. There is truly something for everyone. Some ideas include cake decorating classes, horseback riding lessons, art classes, karate classes, and even baking classes. For younger children, consider a music or dance class! Your little one will gain new skills and have fun while doing it. Last year, my sister gifted Vasco art classes for Christmas and he has really enjoyed them! There are a variety of options depending on your child’s interest when it comes to gifting classes.


Experiences can be one of the best gifts to give a child. Some ideas include horseback riding, cookie decorating, ice skating, visiting a local farm for a petting zoo, making homemade ice cream, indoor rock climbing, and even going to the movies. Gifting an experience is all about immersing a child in something they love. Here are some experience gift ideas for adults as well!

If you’ve got a little one who loves adventure, take them rock climbing. If you’ve got another one who loves animals, gift them a trail ride at your local state park or farm. Experience gifts are great because it’s something the whole family can enjoy!


Books can be such an awesome gift to give anyone, especially children. If your kids aren’t able to read yet, pick out fun bedtime stories with cute cover art. Your little ones will go wild for the cute drawings on the front.

 If your kids are in elementary school, gift the easy-to-read books about their certain interests. Maybe one of your kiddos loves adventure, pick out a travel fiction story or an expedition story about finding hidden treasure. You can find some of our favorite books about sustainability for kids here!

For older kids, gift them books full of interesting facts, personal growth for the teen years, and stories about things they love. If you’ve got a preteen son, gift him a book all about cars if he’s interested in vehicles. If you’ve got a teenage daughter, find a book all about high school drama or a love story. 

Magazine Subscription

Gifting a magazine subscription is a brilliant idea when you’re searching for the perfect non-toy gift, especially for kids. It’s a present that keeps on giving, providing a monthly dose of knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration. Magazines cover a wide array of interests, from science and nature to art, literature, and hobbies, ensuring there’s something for every child’s curiosity. Magazines encourage reading, critical thinking, and exploration, fostering a love for learning and expanding their horizons. Plus, it’s a clutter-free gift that won’t add to the toy pile, making it a win-win for both kids and parents who appreciate a thoughtful and practical present.

Educational Gifts

If your kiddos are crazy about science or dream of becoming a doctor, scientist, or dentist, gift them a kid’s microscope. They usually come with sample slides and a few other tools to collect your own soil to inspect. 

Maybe one of your family members loves to travel and explore. Gift them a Disney Plus subscription to watch the National Park documentaries and Earth shows. Or if you’d rather have something non-electronic, gift them a globe and a travel journal. 

For toddlers, you could give them building blocks or little kids’ bingo. These educational items will help them develop hand-eye coordination and other skills while having fun. 

Digital Camera

Gifting a digital camera is a fantastic choice when you’re seeking a non-toy gift that sparks creativity and lasting memories. A digital camera encourages curiosity, storytelling, and a deeper connection to the world around them. It’s a gift that fosters a sense of responsibility as they learn to care for their equipment. Plus, in an increasingly digital age, it provides a tangible and great way to document their growing years. A digital camera is more than just a gift; it’s an invitation to see the world with fresh eyes and create a personal visual diary of their adventures. From documenting a special occasion to simply creating interesting photographs in the backyard, a camera is a great non-toy gift.

You can even help them to print photo books with all of their favorite photos they’ve taken!

Board Games

Gifting board games is undoubtedly one of the best non-toy gift ideas for children. Board games offer a multitude of benefits beyond mere entertainment. They promote critical thinking, strategic planning, and healthy competition while fostering social interaction and communication skills. Board games provide quality family time, encouraging bonding and creating cherished memories. They also teach patience, sportsmanship, and the value of rules—a valuable life lesson. Whether it’s a classic like Monopoly or a modern strategy game, a board game gift is an investment in fun, learning, and quality time together, making it a truly timeless and thoughtful choice.

Metal Detector

Gifting a metal detector is a unique and exciting non-toy gift idea that opens up a world of adventure and exploration. It encourages older children to step outdoors and discover the hidden treasures that lie beneath the ground’s surface. Beyond the thrill of finding coins, artifacts, or other interesting items, a metal detector fosters a sense of curiosity and curiosity. It teaches patience, problem-solving, and scientific principles as children learn to identify and unearth different materials. Your child will have a great time exploring with their new metal detector.

Do you know of any cool non-toy gift ideas for kids? Be sure to share them in the comment section! If you’re wanting sustainable toy gift ideas, we’ve got that for you too!

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Non Toy Gift Ideas for Kids
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