learning to declutter: the konmari method

A few weeks ago, I finally found the perfect little bungalow to rent here in Georgia. After living in my sweet tiny yellow bungalow for the past few years in Houston, it made me so happy to find a tiny GREEN bungalow here in Athens, and how fitting! I can’t resist the charm of a well loved bungalow.


In between unloading boxes, I started reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Some members of the Zero Waste Bloggers Network mentioned this book and I was pretty excited to delve in. Reading it while moving was honestly perfect timing. I was able to put into practice some of Kondo’s ideas while unpacking. A few of her ideas in particular really helped me in getting organized in my new home, and I’m crossing fingers it’ll stay this way. All of the boxes overwhelmed me a bit at first. I honestly didn’t realize I had so much stuff.



The one thing I kept asking myself while unpacking, which is a concept from Kondo’s book, is “Does this bring me joy?” This was the key factor in helping me declutter and really surround myself with things that I truly love. There were so many things in my boxes that I was keeping for “someday” or keeping for sentimental reasons. My house feels fresher and freer without those things, and I don’t regret removing any of it. Kondo explains that you should respect your belongings.

I love the idea that giving away my things will allow someone else to really enjoy them in a way that I don’t currently. I also really loved the idea that you should appreciate the purpose of your belongings, but once they’ve completed their purpose in your life, you should let them go. For example, enjoy reading a book but do not keep it to sit on your shelf and collect dust. Instead, give it to someone else to enjoy.

If you get the chance, definitely check out Marie Kondo’s book. It’s a quick and super helpful read, especially while moving house! Do you use the konmari method in your home? What are you best decluttering tips?!

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  1. Ah I like the sound of that book. I have been living very minimally as of late – and I am often known for throwing some items which people consider to have sentimental value. However, I cannot let books go very easily. I think letting other people enjoy them is a nice statement, a great motivation for me to finally donate some collecting dust on my shelf! Thank you.

    1. Julia, if you get the chance, definitely check out Marie Kondo’s book! I’m the same when it comes to books. I have hundreds in my house and have a hard time letting them go. But I really do think books are to be opened and enjoyed! It’s been therapeutic going through the shelves and choosing my absolute favorites to keep.

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