go vegan: compassion and kindness towards animals!


Last night, I had the pleasure of hearing the co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur, speak at the UGA campus. Being a plant based diet follower myself, it was inspired to hear encouragement and wisdom from one of the well known leaders in animal right’s activism.

If you haven’t heard of Farm Sanctuary before definitely check out their website! They are a non-profit organization that takes in and cares for abused and sickly animals from factory farms. The founders of Farm Sanctuary researched and documented the standards of industrialized farming over the years. They realized that what goes on in factory farms is honestly bordering on criminal. A lot of the animals at their sanctuary are animals that have been thrown onto the “dead pile” while still alive. Fortunately, the people of Farm Sanctuary rescued them and now the animals live long happy lives at the Farm Sanctuary. Often, we turn a blind eye towards the meat production industry. We humans are mostly compassionate people, and we probably wouldn’t support the industry if we knew more about industrialized farming practices. Gene Baur mentioned five principles that his organization supports:

Living & Eating in Alignment with Your Values 

Meaning that you know it’s unjust to throw male baby chicks into a grinder alive, because they are not economically valuable… so you don’t support it.

Engage in a Mindful Connection with Animals

I love what Mr. Baur said about animals in the United States. It’s strange that cats and dogs are pet specific, but we consider cows and chickens as food. However, when visiting the Farm Sanctuary you can see that cows, chicken, pigs, and sheep are all animals that want to be loved just as your pet would. Their pigs love belly rubs, and the chickens will come when you call their names.

Engage in a Mindful Connection with Your Food

It’s important to slow down and really enjoy what’s on our plate. We should enjoy the time spent preparing meals together and sharing meals with friends and family.

Eat Plants for your Health

This has always been the main reason I support a plant based diet – for my own health. Seven of the top ten causes of death are directly linked to diet. Furthermore, in the U.S. we could save nearly 70% of healthcare costs if we all switched to a more plant based, vegan diet.

Eat Plants for the Health of the Earth

It’s great to switch to more environmentally conscious alternatives. However, the best thing you could do for the earth would be to switch to a vegan diet. Livestock produces 40% more greenhouse gasses than global transportation. So going vegan could be more effective than driving a hybrid car. Furthermore, nearly half of the water used in the U.S. goes to the raising of animals for food. Switching your diet is the most sustainable solution!

Advocate compassion and kindness by going vegan even if just one day a week!! And visit FarmSanctuary’s website to support an excellent cause 🙂


And don’t worry my zero wasters, I kindly returned the literature after reading.  Along with going vegan, reducing waste is another great kindness to our planet 🙂

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