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eco friendly, zero waste inspired packing and moving

 eco friendly, zero waste packing moving

The packing has begun!

I am leaving my precious little Texas bungalow to move to my beautiful home state of Georgia next week. I know from past packing experiences that moving to a new place can be quite wasteful and hardly eco-conscious. So I’m trying to be more mindful this time around. I thought I’d share with you some sustainable packing tips I’m learning. Of course, I’d also be delighted to hear your suggestions as well.

  • Moving house is the perfect opportunity to assess your belongings and figure out what you really need and want of course. Now’s the time to minimize. In the past, I would be throwing a lot of stuff in the trashcan but what’s better is to share. Give your used goods away to friends, neighbors, or drop them off at your local thrift/charity shop. You could also host a yard sale to maybe make a few bucks in your minimizing endeavor. I’ve been trying to reduce plastic in my life as well, so this has been a great occasion to get rid of some of that.
  • Don’t buy packing materials! There are plenty of ways to find free moving boxes and packing materials. I suggest first hunting on Craigslist or FreeCycle for these goodies. I didn’t have much luck here in Houston, but thankfully I have some fabulous friends who’ve recently moved and have boxes to share. I’ve heard that you can find plenty of used boxes at liquor stores as well!
  • Another thing, those little packing peanuts are not only super annoying (they get strewn all about the house) but not the best for the environment. I have been packing my breakables in dish towels, bath towels, and sheets! I’m going to run out of textiles soon I’m sure, so I’m thinking newspaper might be a another good alternative?
  • Use up the food in your kitchen or give it away to friends. I’ve been preparing my kitchen for this move for the past month, purchasing only the bare minimum and using up all of the foods I already have in the kitchen (there have been a lot of dishes with miso paste…). However, if you know you won’t be able to finish it all, and it’ll go bad during the move, give these goods to a neighbor or friend. Don’t throw them away!

What are your sustainable moving tips! 🙂


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3 thoughts on “eco friendly, zero waste inspired packing and moving

  1. When you run out of linen closet style textiles to package the breakables, try clothes! SOme obviously won’t work, but I find my T shirt collection came in quite handy.

    Pack a box or bag of immediate reusables. Dishes to eat off or, rags and cleaning supplies. You don’t want to have to resort to disposables when you first move in.

    1. These are excellent ideas, thanks so much Heather! I love the idea to have an immediate reusables box. I’m already struggling with finding things and I haven’t even made the move yet! 🙂

  2. I used newpapers for my breakables the last time I moved, it works well!

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