The Best Eco Friendly Lunch Boxes for Kids

Eco Friendly Lunch Boxes for Kids

It’s the beginning of summer fun and I’m sure back to school shopping is the last thing on your mind right now. But as a eco conscious mom, I find that planning in advance helps me to make more sustainable shopping choices for my family! If you’ve got ethically made swimsuits and plastic free sunscreen on the brain at the moment, be sure to save this post to come back to in a few months when you’re ready for the upcoming school year.

We’ve worked hard to find the best eco-friendly lunch boxes for kids to share with you. These innovative lunch boxes are designed with the planet in mind, offering a range of materials and features that minimize our ecological footprint.

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Crafted from durable stainless steel, PlanetBox offers a sleek and sturdy container to keep your meals organized and secure. This eco friendly lunch box is by far one of the most popular brands.

What truly sets PlanetBox apart is its commitment to sustainability. Made from high quality, non-toxic materials, these lunchboxes are built to last, reducing the need for disposable alternatives. Say farewell to single-use plastics and embrace a reusable solution that leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

PlanetBox offers a range of designs and accessories to suit every lifestyle. From whimsical prints and kid-friendly designs that inspire creativity to sleek and sophisticated options for the modern minimalist, there’s a PlanetBox for everyone. We love the smaller compartments to help separate food items.

This stainless steel food container is dishwasher safe and extremely durable! It’s a great option for the school aged kiddos in your life.

eco friendly lunch boxes for kids

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Another very popular lunch container solution: ECOlunchbox. Crafted from non-toxic stainless steel and silicone, Ecolunchbox containers are free from toxic chemicals and plastics.

Its cleverly designed compartments allow you to pack a diverse array of foods, keeping them separate and flavorful until it’s time to indulge. From fresh salads to scrumptious sandwiches, Ecolunchbox empowers you to curate a nourishing meal that suits your unique taste.

This lunchbox is 100% plastic free, non-breakable, and BPA-free. ECOlunchbox stainless steel food containers, which are third party independently tested, are free of estrogen-mimicking toxins commonly found in plastic, such as BPA (bisphenol-A), BPS (bisphenol-S) and phthalates.

NOTE: This eco-friendly lunch container is not leak-proof. The container is easy to use for little hands, so there are no gaskets in the lunchbox’s design.

Stainless Steel Sandwich Box

Say goodbye to brown paper bags and hello to the stainless steel sandwich box. This stainless steel container is the perfect size to hold your favorite sandwich without squishing it.

This stainless steel zero waste container fits nicely in a bag, purse or knapsack, and because it’s watertight, there’s no mess to worry about. You can pack a fresh fruit salad, tomato sandwich or even morning oatmeal. It’s made of food grade stainless steel, and is a handy size for school lunches or even takeout! You can also write on the container with a non-permanent marker.

We love the durability of these stainless steel lunch boxes. After years of use, my sandwich box is still in great condition.

eco friendly lunch box

Stainless Steel Condiment Container

We love to use these small stainless steel condiment containers as snack containers at our house! They’re the perfect size for a handful of crackers, some blueberries, mixed nuts, or a dollop of hummus.

This container carries about 1/2 cup of food. Perfect for snacking on the go!

We love that they’re easy to open and close and also dishwasher safe.

Hydro Flask Insulated Food Jar

We LOVE this insulated food container from Hydro Flask. It’s perfect for keeping foods warm or cold. Crafted from durable stainless steel, the Hydro Flask Insulated Food Jar is built to withstand the rigors of daily use while keeping your food at the perfect temperature. Whether you’re craving a piping hot soup or a refreshing chilled yogurt parfait, this food jar is designed to preserve the desired temperature for hours, ensuring your food stays fresh.

This is also dishwasher safe and comes in a variety of colors.

And they make a larger adult size as well!

SoYoung Cooler Bag

Most kids lunch boxes are made of plastic but not the SoYoung Cooler Bag.

This cooler bag is made of linen with a removable plastic liner. It’s machine washable and free of PVC, pthalates, lead, PFAs, and BPA. These lunch totes are easy to clean and the perfect size for adult and kids’ lunches alike.

Designed with both style and function in mind, these eco friendly lunch bags are a must-have for individuals seeking a fashionable yet eco-friendly lunchtime companion.

With double insulation, it can keep your food fresh for hours!

EKOBO Bento Box

With a focus on bamboo, a renewable and fast-growing resource, Ekobo crafts a range of stylish and durable homeware products that are both sustainable and socially responsible. They have a wide variety of different shapes and sizes; we love the different options and colors.

Ekobo goes beyond just using sustainable materials; they prioritize ethical production practices as well. They work closely with their manufacturing partners to ensure fair wages, safe working conditions, and environmentally-friendly processes. By choosing Ekobo, you support a brand that values transparency and social responsibility throughout their entire supply chain.

But Ekobo’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with their products. They actively engage in initiatives to reduce waste, minimize carbon emissions, and support global reforestation efforts. With a focus on circular design principles, they aim to create products that are not only long-lasting but also recyclable or compostable at the end of their life cycle.

Eco Life Bento Box

Prefer a lunch box that isn’t made of stainless steel? You might want to consider Eco Life Bento Boxes. These lunch boxes are made with 70% wheat fiber and 30% polypropylene. This isn’t the MOST eco friendly solution but it’s definitely better than traditional plastic containers.

The brand states that while they do not label this container as biodegradable, it will breakdown significantly faster than plastic. To be termed biodegradable, the product needs to degrade 90% in 1 year. Studies have shown that this type of product (70% wheat fiber 30% pp) breaks down to that level in about 2 years.

While this box is leak proof, it is not insulated. It does not keep cold food cold or hot food warm.

This brand is a family owned business based out of San Francisco.

Reusable Utensils for Eco Friendly Lunches

Need some reusable utensils to go with your kiddo’s eco lunch gear? We love a good set of reusable bamboo utensils.

Or even a small bamboo spork is perfect to go with your eco friendly kids lunch box and great for everyday use.

If you worry your child will throw away their set of reusable utensils consider eco friendly disposable utensils. These will be a better choice than plastic and it won’t be a big deal if your kid accidentally tosses them in the garbage.

Shop Secondhand for School Essentials

Definitely the best lunch boxes for the environment are the ones that already exist! Consider shopping secondhand for school essentials. Most thrift stores will have have a special section around the beginning of the new school year where you can find gently used school supplies like lunch boxes, thermoses, backpacks, water bottles. etc. I’ve even spotted a basically brand new Klean Kanteen water bottle at our local thrift shop! Facebook Marketplace is also a wonderful resource for finding secondhand school essentials.


Choosing eco-friendly lunch boxes for kids this upcoming school season is a decision that holds significant benefits for both our children and the planet. By opting for sustainable lunch box options, we teach our kids valuable lessons about environmental responsibility, instilling in them the importance of reducing waste and making conscious choices.

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