Top 12 Eco Friendly Lip Balm Brands for Sustainably Soft Lips

eco friendly lip balm brands

Are you a lip balm addict like me? I always have a lip balm in my purse, by my bedside, in my office, and in my car. Unfortunately, the majority of lip balm brands these days package their products in plastic and their ingredients aren’t always the best for your skin or the planet. From the production process to the packaging, traditional lip balm brands often have a significant impact on the planet. Want to support small brands that make eco friendly lip balm? I can help! I have compiled a list of 12 eco friendly lip balm brands that you will absolutely love. These brands prioritize sustainability without compromising on quality.

Unearth Malee

Unearth Malee is my all time favorite eco-friendly lip balm brand by far! They have the most moisturizing vegan lip balm in a variety of flavors. I especially love their tinted lip balm. It provides just the right amount of color for a subtle lip on the go!

Their mango butter guava lip balm is also divine. I love that this vegan lip balm comes packaged in zero waste style – in paper! You can actually compost the sustainable paper tube after using up the lip balm. There are no additives, synthetic fragrances, palm oil, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavorings in this lip balm! They use essential oils and certified organic ingredients in this natural lip balm.

Unearth Malee also makes really awesome lotion bars in reusable metal tins.

eco friendly lip balm

Meow Meow Tweet

Anyone else love a multipurpose product? This vegan “chapstick” is not just for dry lips. You can be used on dry hands and other areas of skin to prevent and repair dryness. It is packaged in a jumbo compostable paperboard tube. The scent is tingly, herbal and fresh, and the texture is a smooth balm. Rosemary eucalyptus is my favorite flavor! Head over to their website to check out their stellar customer reviews!

vegan lip balm

Little Otter Lip Balm

I love supporting Georgia based small businesses like this one. Their plastic free lip balm is divine. It comes in a pack of four with a soothing peppermint and rosemary flavor that is oh so refreshing. They use 100% natural ingredients in 100% compostable tubes. Each zero-waste lip balm contains 50% more balm than a standard plastic tube of lip balm. Not only that, they also donate 10% of their net revenue to clean water work. They ship their products in 100% curbside recyclable paper packaging. Their plastic-free chapstick is made in small batches by hand and contain just four simple ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic peppermint oil, and organic rosemary oil.

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River Organics

We love this organic vegan lip balm packaged in a compostable paper tube! They have this unscented eco lip butter, perfect for sensitive skin, as well as several different tinted versions. This product is free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance and artificial flavors. This is a North Carolina based beauty brand. One reviewer describers this lip balm as a “spa day for my lips” — doesn’t get much better than that!

You need to check out River Organics zero waste blush as well!

Chagrin Valley

Chagrin Valley has a wide variety of eco friendly lip balms to choose from – eleven different flavors! While petroleum based lip balms provide a quick fix for dry chapped lips, Chagrin Valley makes moisturizing balms that penetrate the skin — not simply coating the skin’s surface. They formulate each recipe with organic ingredients that have sooting, moisturizing, and healing qualities. These organic lip balms are packaged in a small metal tin that you can recycle when empty.

Chagrin Valley also makes some really wonderful organic dry shampoos!


We love Ethique’s 100% plastic free sustainable packaging! Ethique has a variety of different natural zero waste lip balms from tinted balms, to unscented balms, to flavored balms like this pink grapefruit and vanilla lip balm. Did you know almost 200 million plastic lip balm tubes are trashed every single year?! That’s why choosing lip balm packaged in paper push-up tubes is a great way to hep reduce waste. When you get to the bottom of the tube, you can simply compost it!

Clean Faced Cosmetics

Clean Faced Cosmetics makes a wonderful zero waste and vegan lip balm. It’s packaged in recyclable packaging but you can also send your container back to the small business to have it refilled instead of recycling it. I love small businesses that offer refills!! This unscented lip balm is made with four simple ingredients: organic unrefined coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic candelilla wax, and organic vitamin E. Super simple but super moisturizing as well.

Juniperseed Mercantile

While we love Juniperseed Mercantile for their awesome facial moisturizer and zero waste toilet cleaner, their sustainable lip balm is also super popular! They have a wide variety of flavors including vanilla tangerine and sugared peach. They don’t use any plastic in the packaging or shipping of these lip products. Their compostable tube is twice the size of a standard plastic tube of lip balm.

Elate Cosmetics

Now I’ve only tried Elate’s zero waste mascara, but they have a lot of other wonderful low waste beauty products including their Better Balm. This lip balm is made with carrot root oil and rosehip seed oil. It’s rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, perfect for moisturizing and regenerating dry skin while protecting your lips from environmental pollutants. You can even blend it into cheeks for a dewy glow, or use it to hydrate and repair dry cuticles. I love a multipurpose product!


Etee lip balm is a revolutionary product that provides long-lasting moisture and protection for your lips. Made with all-natural ingredients like natural beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, this lip balm is not only effective but also environmentally friendly. The formula is free of synthetic fragrances, petroleum, and other harmful chemicals, making it safe for even the most sensitive lips.

Honey Wild Apothecary

Love to support Etsy shops? Me too! You will love this brand — Honey Wild Apothecary. This lip balm contains coconut oil and jojoba oil which help to nourish, while beeswax locks in moisture. Their lip balm provides lasting moisture and smooth feeling lips. This balm is made to order to ensure freshness!

Blue Heron Botanicals

Looking for some lip therapy? That’s exactly what Blue Heron Botanicals calls their lip balms. They handcraft their lip therapies in Northern California, using the highest quality ingredients in small batches to ensure potency, quality, and effectiveness. Each blend utilizes superior quality medicinal herbs, essential oils and carrier oils selected for their unique healing qualities. Their zero waste packaging is made from 100% PCW recycled paper and is recyclable or home compostable. 

eco friendly lip balm

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