9 Best Eco Friendly Hair Brushes for Sustainable Haircare

eco friendly hair brushes

I truly thought a hair brush was something you purchased, used, and maintained for many years to come. I was completely surprised to learn that we should be replacing our hair brushes every six to twelve months. When I decided it was time to replace my current hair brush, I wanted to make sure I purchased a new brush made with sustainable materials.

Unfortunately a large majority of hair brushes available these days are made with synthetic materials. If we need a new hair brush every year, that’s quite a bit of plastic brushes going to the landfill.

Luckily, I’ve found some really wonderful eco friendly hair brush brands! These hair brushes are typically made from natural materials like bamboo, wood, or plant-based bristles, rather than plastic. They not only help to reduce plastic waste but also have a number of benefits for your hair and scalp.

In this post, we will explore the benefits of eco friendly hair brushes, the different types of materials used, and some of the best eco friendly hair brushes on the market today.

Best Eco Friendly Hair Brush Brands

Brush With Bamboo Hair Brush

I have been using Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes for many years. So when they started carrying a plastic free hair brush, I had to give it a try. This is definitely my favorite eco friendly hair brush by far. I love it so much, I started carrying it in the Tiny Yellow Bungalow online store! It’s definitely one of the best sellers in my shop.

This brush has a bamboo handle with beeswax finish, and a natural rubber base with bamboo wooden bristles. It comes packaged in compostable, plastic free packaging.

This hair brush would be suitable for a variety of hair types, including my long, fine hair.

Another great eco friendly swap for your hair is using a shampoo bars instead of shampoo packaged in plastic bottles.

eco friendly hair brush

Eco Friendly Baby Hair Brush

Looking for a plastic free baby hair brush to add to your zero waste baby registry? Check out Zefiro’s baby brush. It’s fully compostable and a great price. The handle is made from FSC certified beechwood from Germany and the bristles are all natural goat hair. This is the perfect first hair brush for your little one! (Note: This brush is not vegan)

eco friendly baby brush

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Tek Wood Hair Brush

This eco friendly hair brush brand comes highly recommended. A small business based in Italy makes these sustainable brushes. I love that they have a variety of different shapes and sizes of brushes including a scalp massage brush.

This large hair brush is made of FSC 100% certified ash wood in natural wood color with a handle treated with vegetable waxes and oils. The brush teeth are made with FSC 100% certified hornbeam wood and black pneumatic in pure rubber.

This brush detangles without damaging your hair. It does not cause static thanks to the wooden teeth. There is a hole between the teeth which allows the brush to breathe, facilitating skin massage and thus increasing blood flow to the scalp. This brush is suitable for all hair types.

These hair brushes are vegan!

eco friendly hair brush

Redecker Eco Friendly Hairbrush

Redecker also makes a completely plastic free hair brush. We love a good zero waste hair brush. This one is made of olive wood and the pins are a combination of wild boar bristles and maple pins. This brush is especially great for long hair. A small business based in Germany makes Redecker hair brushes.

This is a highly admired brand that has been around for many years – established in 1935. While this particular brush is not vegan, they have a variety of other sustainably made hair brushes including several that are completely plastic free and also VEGAN.

Bass Bamboo Hair Brush

There seems to be an abundance of wooden hair brush brands out there, including Bass Brushes! These brushes are especially sustainable because they’re made with bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, with some species growing up to 91 cm (35 inches) in just one day. This means that bamboo can be harvested much faster than other types of wood, which can take decades to grow to maturity.

Choosing a bamboo hair brush is a great option. These bamboo hair brushes are vegan and work well for all hair types including thick hair. Bass brushes have bamboo handles and bamboo pins.

Saya Designs Hair Brushes

Saya has a variety of different hair brushes for different hair types. They have both vegan and boars hair bristle brushes.

If your hair is short to medium in length and a finer hair type, The Vegan Brush and The Boars Brush are perfect for you, as they help distribute the natural oils in your hair.

The Vegan Brush is made from FSC certified Beach wood and plant based tampico bristles. The tampico bristles are anti static. Tampico fibers are known for their capacity to retain moisture. These wooden brushes arrive in fully recyclable packaging and part of the proceeds from these brushes are given to 1% for the Planet.

If you have very curly hair, thick or an afro hair type, The Olive Brush is the best brush for you.y

Be sure to check out Saya’s website because not only do they have many sustainable hair brushes to choose from but they also make the most beautiful hair sticks and forks. They use waste materials such as the root of certain wood to create these handcrafted hair accessories. This waste material wood is often left over from local businesses and has less comemercial use. By using this waste material they have an even smaller impact on the environment.

vegan hair brush

Svatv Wide Tooth Comb

An eco friendly hair brush is important but thick, curly/wavy hair, a sustainably made comb is essential as well! Svatv makes the most beautiful wooden wide tooth combs.

This handcrafted rosewood wide-tooth comb will help with the toughest of tangles and is anti-static. The wide-spaced teeth can help work through tangles without pulling or snagging the hair. The thick bristles enhance circulation to the scalp. This comb is suitable for wet or dry hair.

eco friendly comb

Eco Friendly Hair Brush Cleaning Tool

Not a hair brush exactly but still a really cool sustainable hair care tool all the same! This plastic free hair brush cleaning tool is made by Zefiro who also makes the wooden baby hair brush we shared above. This tool helps to clean your hair brush which helps it to last longer, thus making it even more environmentally friendly.

Eco Friendly Hair Brush Cleaning Tool

Travel Sized Wooden Hair Brush

We have some awesome eco-friendly hair brushes on our list here but I also wanted to include a travel sized brush! Most of the wooden hair brushes on the market are full sized but I found this great small sized brush that can fit perfectly in your bag/purse when travelling. It has a bamboo handle as well as bamboo bristles. This is the perfect to alternative to mini plastic hair brushes and would be a great sustainable stocking stuffer!


In conclusion, choosing eco friendly hair brushes is a simple way we can reduce our waste and impact on the environment. A plastic free hair brush is a logical addition to our sustainable haircare routines. By choosing hair brushes made from sustainable materials, we can reduce our carbon footprint and help protect the planet.

Additionally, eco-friendly hair brushes are often designed to be durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and further reducing waste. Lastly, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of environmentally friendly brushes on offer that can fit a variety of hair types and styles.

So when it’s time to retire your plastic hair brush, be sure to come back to our post on the best eco-friendly hair brushes to find the right brush for your hair that you will love!

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  1. Thanks for the article! I appreciate the recommendations!

    Its hard finding wooden brushes that are both authentic in their type and verifiably responsibly sourced!

    Speaking of authenticity…. i do not recommend purchasing such items via Amazon. With the way Amazon has designed the platform (with shared listings etc), consumers are buying counterfeit items from legit listings. Shopping on Amazon defeats the purpose of shopping intentionally.

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