Eco Friendly Greeting Cards: Sustainably Spread Love and Joy

eco friendly greeting cards

Greeting cards have been a staple in expressing our love, gratitude, and appreciation for our loved ones. I look forward to receiving Christmas cards from friends and family every December! However, traditional greeting cards aren’t always made sustainably. The good news is, you can still send heartfelt messages while being environmentally conscious. In this blog post, we will share with you the five best eco friendly greeting cards for every occasion.

Seed Paper Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards

These cards are made of plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds. You can also find some of these cards embedded with herb or vegetable seeds as well. Once the recipient is done admiring the card, they can plant it in a pot or their garden, and watch it grow into beautiful plants.

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You can find some really beautiful handmade seed paper cards by small businesses and artists on Etsy for nearly every special occasion. You can find a variety of unique themed cards at a great price.

I also found an awesome set of seed paper thank you cards on Amazon. A thank you note with beautiful flowers. How special!

I’ve even seen plantable seed paper wedding invitations and place cards.

Green Field Paper Company offers 100% recycled cards with Noninvasive and non GMO seeds and no chemicals or dyes or additives. Their cards are made in the United States. You can even customize your own seed paper cards on their website.

Another really fabulous brand is: Botanical Paperworks!

For a more sustainable valentine’s day, we sent seed paper valentines to my son’s preschool class last year. It’s extra fun for little kids to get to plant the paper and watch flowers grow!

If you love seed paper greeting cards, you’ll probably also love wildflower seed balls.

eco friendly greeting cards

Recycled Paper Greeting Cards

These cards are made from recycled paper, which is an excellent way to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. They come in a variety of designs and styles, making them suitable for any occasion.

Spread holiday cheer without the waste. Instead of conventional holiday cards this year, consider sending a tree free Christmas card to your friends and family.

A reminder that greeting cards covered in glitter are generally hard to recycle. Opt instead for a simple recycled paper greeting card. And be sure to look for cards with eco friendly soy inks!

Top Sustainable Greeting Card Brands

Good Paper

Paper Culture

Tree Free

Paper Rose Studio

While all of the brands listed above are awesome, an extra special award goes to Paper Culture since they:

  • Plant a tree with every order
  • Source sustainable materials
  • Offer free shipping on orders over $125
  • Offset their carbon footprint with carbon credits
  • Are a Certified B Corporation

Waste Free E-Cards

Sending e-cards is an excellent way to reduce paper waste and save trees. There are plenty of websites that offer free e-cards, which you can customize and send to your loved ones in just a few clicks.

We especially love the brand Greenvelope. With a commitment to sustainability, Greenvelope offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper invitations while still providing a personalized and luxurious experience. Their customizable designs range from formal to fun, making it easy to find the perfect invitation for any occasion.

Other Highly Rated E-Card Brands

Paperless Post



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Handmade Greeting Cards

Making your own greeting cards is not only fun, but it also allows you to customize the design and be creative. To be honest, my most favorite birthday cards I’ve ever received have been the handmade cards my kid has made for me.

Handmade greeting cards are extra fun, because you can really personalize them to the person you’re making them for.

You can use recycled materials, such as old magazines, newspapers, or cardboard, to make unique and eco-friendly cards. You could even cut up old greeting cards to piece together and create new card designs. Really whatever arts and crafts supplies you have laying around the house will work!

Head over to Pinterest for homemade birthday card inspo! There are some really creative ideas you can find over there.

Sustainably Made Bamboo Cards

Want an especially unique card option? How about bamboo! Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows quickly and doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo cards are sturdy and long-lasting, and they come in a variety of designs and styles. These unique greeting cards are beautiful and definitely a keepsake.


In conclusion, sending sustainable greeting cards is an excellent way to express your love and appreciation for your loved ones while being mindful of the environment. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from seed paper cards to bamboo cards, to e-cards to express yourself in an eco-friendly way. So, next time you want to send a greeting card, consider choosing one that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

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