The Ultimate Guide To An Eco-Friendly Easter

eco friendly easter

Easter is such a beautiful time of year. Winter has departed, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the birds are out singing their songs. While Easter may commonly be known for plastic eggs, artificially colored eggs, and a ham on the table it doesn’t have to be. There are tons of eco-friendly ways to make a memorable Easter holiday. From delicious plant-based dishes to naturally dyed eggs, it’ll be one to remember. Let’s dive in!

Coloring Easter Eggs the Eco-Friendly Way

Did you know you can dye eggs using vegetables? There’s no need for the little plastic bottles of artificial colorings. Instead, use items you already have at home. This is a great way to use up old produce that you aren’t sure what to do with. 

I recommend using white eggs but if you have brown no problem! Just know the colors will come out a little different on brown eggs. For each coloring below, add the vegetable/fruit into a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil. Then let simmer for 15-20 minutes on low-medium. Finally, strain the mixture and use let the dye cool. Enjoy! 

  • Blue = Chopped Purple Cabbage
  • Purple = Red Onion Skins
  • Orange/Rust = Yellow Onion Skins or Chili Powder
  • Pink= Shredded Beets
  • Yellow = Tumeric
  • Green = Spinach
  • Brown = Coffee or Black Tea

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Natural and Plastic Free Easter Home Decor

Decorating your home for the season doesn’t mean you need to take a shopping trip and buy a bunch of spring decor. You actually may have some items around your home! For eco-friendly decor think of natural items such as plants, potted flowers, and DIY projects. 

You could take the colored eggs your family just made and place them in a clear vase or bowl for a table centerpiece. Or head to the local greenhouse and purchase a few potted flowers to place on the windowsills of your home. You can always plant these outside after Easter. Another idea is DIY projects such as dried flower art.

If you’re itching for a vintage rabbit-shaped vase or easter themed plates for dinner, head to a local thrift shop to see what you can find. These items will be cheaper and you’ll give them a second purpose rather than buying new ones. You never know what you’ll find in these types of stores. 

Vegan Dishes for Easter Dinner

There are tons of delicious vegan zero-waste recipes perfect for Easter. The whole family will love a delicious vegan pot pie with little bunny dough cutouts on top. Add sides of sourdough buns, vegan green bean casserole, and a bright fruit salad to the table. Other delicious main course ideas are beautiful stuffed butternut squash, roasted veggie empanadas, or brown sugar-glazed tofu. 

For side dishes, you can get so creative! Try garlic mashed potatoes using cashew cream, apple walnut side salad, charcuterie board with dried fruits and delicious veggies, or whip up a vegan french bread stuffing. Your family and guests will be sure to go back for seconds!

For dessert try dairy-free chocolate-covered strawberries, homemade carrot cake, or eggless lemon bars. Another great option the kids will love is homemade egg-less sugar cookies that they can frost themselves! These cookies could double as an Easter treat and a tradition. Decorating cookies is always known for Christmas but why not start decorating them for Easter? Use the same homemade dye you used for the easter eggs to color the frosting. 

Plastic Free Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunting is usually a popular tradition for the little ones. Although it’s sad to see plastic laying around the yards. This year instead of the traditional plastic eggs try an eco-friendly egg hunt. You could use the homemade dyed eggs and write a prize on each one. Another idea is to make homemade felt eggs or purchase bamboo wooden eggs. 

For an eco-friendly filling, use wildflower seed balls, eco star crayons, vegan lip balm, and homemade treats. 

eco friendly easter

Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

Easter baskets can be so fun to create for the kiddos in your family. They’re customizable and easy to make eco-friendly. First, start with a reusable basket that will last for years to come. Whether that be a canvas tote, a wooden basket, or a cute storage basket. Next decide if you want to add eco-friendly Easter grass, straw, or reusable towels. Now for the fun part, the gifts! Here are a few eco-friendly Easter egg filler ideas to fill your baskets with:

  • Homemade coupons for activities, day trips, etc 
  • Cinema or theatre tickets
  • Children’s museum tickets
  • Homemade treats and goodies
  • Kids gardening tool set
  • Eco Star Crayons 
  • DIY crafts
  • Wildflower seed balls
  • Homemade playdough

Eco-Friendly Easter Tradition Ideas

Traditions are what make a holiday so special. Of course, you’ve got to cherish the older traditions but why not add a few new ones? There are tons of eco-friendly Easter traditions you can start this year. You could start a tradition of planting a tree on Easter or starting your annual garden as a family. If it’s still too cold to plant your garden then planning out what produce and flowers you’ll have can be great fun. 

Another eco-friendly Easter tradition idea is to watch a family movie on Easter while eating delicious homemade treats. Pick a movie with an Easter or spring theme like Hop, Petter Rabbit, or The Dog Who Saved Easter. Pop some popcorn, dip strawberries in vegan chocolate, and slice a few pieces of carrot cake to enjoy. Getting cuddled up on the couch as a family with treats and a great movie will be such a wonderful memory! 

Final Thoughts

An eco-friendly Easter can be full of beautiful flowers, delicious vegan treats, and homemade decorations. Swapping simple items such as plastic eggs and artificial dye can make a big difference. Even making one plant-based dish can be so beneficial. There are tons of recipe ideas on Pinterest. Even recipes for a plant-based version of your favorite dishes. It’ll feel good knowing you’re creating amazing memories while doing good for the Earth! 

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