Eco Friendly Easter Egg Fillers For Your Sustainable Holiday

Eco Friendly Easter Egg Fillers

Easter is a beloved holiday for many families, but it can also generate a lot of waste, especially when it comes to Easter egg fillers. From plastic toys and candy wrappers to one-time use decorations, the traditional way of celebrating can have a negative impact on the environment. But there’s good news! With a little creativity and consideration, it’s easy to make Easter egg filling more sustainable and eco-friendly.

In this post, we’ll explore creative and fun ideas for filling Easter eggs that are kind to the planet. From all natural treats to reusable small toys, you’ll find something to delight every member of your family while reducing your carbon footprint. So, let’s get started on an egg-citing and eco-friendly Easter!

There are lots of lists of eco friendly Easter egg fillers out there but this one is a realistic list. It’s items that not only will you be happy to gift but items kids actually WANT. I’ve seen one too many non-candy egg filler lists with things like nuts and freeze dried fruits listed as treats. Also, no plastic junk on this list! And our list only includes items that actually fit in a plastic easter egg. I hope you find some good ideas that you can use this upcoming Easter holiday!

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Eco Friendly Easter Egg Fillers – Candy Ideas

Fair Trade Chocolates

We love Alter Eco Fair Trade Chocolate Truffles. Alter Eco is a brand of non-GMO, organic, and fair trade chocolate that offers a delicious and sustainable indulgence. They will fit perfectly in plastic easter eggs. They even have a compostable wrapper! You can get a box of assorted flavors or pick your favorite flavor.

Their chocolate is made with carefully sourced cocoa from small-scale farmers in the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Dominican Republic, and is free of artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.

Alter Eco chocolate is committed to protecting the environment and supporting communities in need. Whether you prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate, Alter Eco has a range of options that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while making a positive impact.

Eco Friendly Easter Egg Fillers

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Organic Fruit Snacks

Unfortunately the Alter Eco truffles are not vegan (some of their chocolate bars are!) If you need a vegan Easter egg filler, consider YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacks.

They are made with real fruit juice and packed with flavor. These snacks are gluten-free, peanut-free, and vegan. They are also free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. This makes them a great choice for those with food sensitivities.

They are a guilt-free snack option that will keep you satisfied and nourished, and with a variety of flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Eco Friendly Easter Egg Fillers

Organic Milk Chocolate Coins

Kids expect to find sweet treats in their eggs. How about an easter egg hunt with eggs full of organic milk chocolate coins? I know these particular chocolate coins are listed as a Hanukkah gift but they would also be fun Easter egg fillers. You might also be able to find something similar to these at your local bulk food store. I know I’ve seen some stores have small tin foiled wrapped chocolates available.

Eco Friendly Easter Egg Fillers – Non Candy Ideas

Wildflower Seed Balls

A personal favorite of mine — wildflower seed balls! We always put a few of these in my kids’ Easter baskets.

Wildflower seed balls are a unique and eco-friendly way to bring beautiful wildflowers to your garden or outdoor space. These small balls of recycled paper and wildflower seeds are easy to plant and grow, and they require no special equipment or knowledge.

Simply toss them in a sunny spot, water, and watch as a lush array of colorful wildflowers bloom. Wildflower seed balls are a great way to create a low-maintenance and sustainable garden, and they are also a perfect way to support pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just looking for an easy way to add some greenery to your outdoor space, wildflower seed balls are a fun and effective way to do so.

Even just some unique native flower seeds in an egg could be fun! It’ll be a great project for spring!

eco friendly easter egg fillers


We mentioned adding chocolate coins to your Easter eggs but what about real money? You could put a few coins or a folded up dollar bill in each of the eggs. This treat is something that older kids will especially love. When I was little, we always had a “prize egg” that my mom spray painted gold and inside it had a $20 bill. This could be a fun tradition to start in your family as well!

Hair Clips

Wanting some more fun non-candy Easter egg fillers? Skip the sugar overload with some super cute hair clips or bows. Something small that could fit into an Easter egg. I used to love different fun hair accessories as a kid. Think sparkly butterfly clips! Even some fun colorful hair ties in an egg could be great.


I know what you’re thinking. Crayons won’t fit in those little plastic eggs. BUT nowadays, you can find all kinds of cool shapes and sizes of crayons. For example, these Crayon Rocks would fit perfectly into Easter eggs.

These are simply the best coloring tool for young kids! Made in rural Kentucky, USA from soybean wax, they are vibrantly colored and create beautifully textured child artwork similar to oil pastels.

Used by occupational therapists and preschool teachers, they were specifically designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles in young children and improve fine motor coordination.

These allow small fingers to color easily in large, wide strokes. They are developmentally appropriate for little kids.

My son got some of these crayon rocks for Christmas last year. We have used them regularly; my child loves them!

Friendship Bracelets

Some cute friendship bracelets would be excellent Easter egg stuffers! You could find some cute bracelets on Etsy or even make your own. I’ve seen several different bracelet making kits online, or you could find a bracelet making booking at the library to learn how to make some.

Pencil Top Erasers

I spotted some really precious pencil top erasers on Amazon. You might be able to find some as well at your local dollar store. These are a great alternative to sugary treats in Easter eggs. Cute pencil top erasers are a great option for the school aged, big kids especially.

eco friendly easter egg fillers

Rocks and Minerals

My son loves collecting interesting rocks and minerals. I think filling Easter eggs with cool stones is the perfect addition to your Easter hunt. Some geodes to break open might be fun too. You could find some interesting stones locally or order them online!

Eco Friendly Easter Egg Options

Plastic Free Easter Egg

If you want to skip the plastic Easter eggs, consider using fillable wooden eggs or paper mache eggs. These are a perfect zero waste alternative to traditional Easter eggs. You could leave them as natural wood/paper or let your kids paint them fun colors and designs! I’m sure there are other great options for eco eggs, but these two seem two be the most common plastic free alternatives.

Secondhand Easter Eggs

I personally prefer to use secondhand Easter eggs. Believe it or not, my mom saved a whole bunch of plastic Easter eggs from my childhood. We just use these same Easter eggs year after year for our egg hunts.


In conclusion, eco friendly Easter egg fillers are a great way to celebrate the holiday while reducing our impact on the environment. These alternatives to traditional, plastic based fillers are made from sustainable materials and are often reusable, making them a more responsible choice. There is a wide range of options available to suit any taste. I hope you’ve found some great ideas here on our list!

By making small changes like switching to eco friendly Easter egg fillers, we can work together to create a better future for our planet.

What is the Easter bunny bringing to your house? Do you have an Easter egg filler ideas to share? Please share in the comments!

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