zero waste coffee routine
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zero waste coffee routine

Zero Waste Coffee Routine With the current social distancing necessity, I know everyone has needed to begin making coffee at home! I feel like nearly everyone I know drinks coffee. This ritual plays a huge part in so many people’s lives. On average, Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee a day. Furthermore, the[…]

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plastic free supplements i use regularly

Plastic Free Supplements I Use Regularly Last week, over on Instagram, I shared with you the brand of probiotic I currently take. I received so many messages asking what other supplements I take regularly. I thought why not tell you about them in a blog post? I honestly don’t take a lot of supplements, but[…]

zero waste mascara
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zero waste mascara

Zero Waste Mascara Alright y’all, I have to preface this blog post with one important detail. This blog post is NOT sponsored, at all. I purchased these four zero waste mascaras online with my own money. I find it hilarious that I first posted about my journey to find low waste makeup options January 2019, […]

zero waste shaving
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zero waste shaving: safety razor

Zero Waste Shaving: How to Use a Safety Razor Over the past year, I’ve been slowly making simple switches for a more eco friendly, zero waste lifestyle. Last fall, I was down to my last few disposable razors so I asked for a safety razor for Christmas. Safety razors are an excellent sustainable option because[…]