zero waste fall activities
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15 Sustainable Fall Activities

I adore the summer. It’s my absolute favorite season! However, this year, since we’ve been spending so much time at home and social distancing, I’m learning to enjoy and treasure the changes in seasons. We spend a lot of time in our own backyard, and while it’s still really warm in Georgia, I’m noticing the[…]

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Ten Ways to Celebrate Earth Day from Home

10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day from Home Although the current health crisis has left most special occasions feeling bleak, this Earth Day we can all recognize how much staying home benefits our planet! Across the world, typically overly polluted cities have seen huge declines in air pollutants. With transportation emissions diminishing and factories reigning[…]

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Sustainable & Ethically Made Gift Ideas

I know that it’s the first of November and you’re thinking, “Jessie, why in the world are you already talking about sustainable & ethically made gift ideas?” Regardless, if you are like me, you will wait until the last minute to get holiday gifts in line for your loved ones. Then, you will find yourself[…]