zero waste toiletry kit
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What’s in my Zero Waste Toiletry Kit?!

What’s in my Zero Waste Toiletry Kit?! Have you every wondered what a zero waster brings along when traveling? I’m spending the week at the beach and thought what a perfect opportunity to talk to you about what’s in my zero waste toiletry kit. I’m traveling light this trip, because let’s be honest, on a[…]

zero waste bathroom
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5 Simple Switches for a Zero Waste Bathroom

5 Simple Switches for an Zero Waste Bathroom I think transitioning to a more eco-conscious lifestyle should be simple so that everyone can do it! Before my research in sustainability, my bathroom was full of chemical laden products and lots of plastic. I’m very pleased with my minimal waste, ecofriendly bathroom now.  I’d love to[…]

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I Love My Bamboo Toothbrush

I Love My Bamboo Toothbrush (Bamboo Toothbrushes available at our shop, here!) At the beginning of this year, I started the tiny yellow bungalow blog. My goal was to learn to do nicer things for the planet and my own health and share my experiences in doing so. It was a bit overwhelming in the beginning[…]