zero waste toddler snack ideas
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Zero Waste Toddler Snack Ideas

Zero Waste Toddler Snack Ideas Last year, I whipped up a blog post all about zero waste & vegan snack ideas, but realized it might be beneficial for other eco minded parents out there to write a post about zero waste toddler snack ideas! Don’t get me wrong. My toddler, Vasco, still eats packaged snack[…]

zero waste birthday party
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How to Host a Zero Waste Birthday Party

Zero Waste Birthday Party This weekend, we celebrated Vasco’s first birthday with our family at the farm. I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. It seems like not too long ago I was blogging about zero waste pregnancy and zero waste baby registries. It’s been such a special year, and I’ve enjoyed[…]

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My Zero Waste Baby Registry

Zero Waste Baby Registry Want to know what was on my zero waste baby registry? You’ve been asking about zero waste baby essentials for a while I know.  Now that Vasco is a few months old, I’m finally feeling confident in the list of baby items I want to share with you that we have[…]