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The Most Sustainable Underwear Brands

In recent years, the fashion industry has experienced a shift towards sustainability, driven by consumers’ growing awareness of the environmental and ethical impacts of their choices.  Sustainable underwear brands are gaining popularity, offering products that not only prioritize comfort and style but also demonstrate a commitment to eco-friendly practices, ethical manufacturing, and conscious consumption. In[…]

embrace slow fashion
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7 Ways to Embrace Slow Fashion

7 Ways to Embrace Slow Fashion Guest Post by Nicole Robertson of Swap Society When you think about sustainable living, fashion might not be the first thing that comes to mind. To be honest, I’ve long considered myself an environmentalist, but I have not always considered the impact of my wardrobe. I thrifted to find[…]

slow fashion
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What Does Slow Fashion Actually Mean?

What Does Slow Fashion Actually Mean? This past week, I delved into a new aspect of sustainability, clothing! The slow fashion movement was uncharted territories for me. However, I just finished reading Elizabeth Cline’s book, “Over-Dressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion” and was blown away by the information about our current fashion industry.[…]