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5 simple swaps for a zero waste kitchen

5 Simple Swaps for a Zero Waste Kitchen A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about creating an ecofriendly, zero waste bathroom, and how I believe¬†transitioning to a more eco-conscious lifestyle should be simple so that everyone can do it. The same goes for your kitchen! The kitchen seems to be another spot[…]

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eco friendly, zero waste inspired packing and moving

Eco friendly, Zero Waste Inspired Packing and Moving Tips The packing has begun! I am leaving¬†my precious little Texas bungalow to move to my beautiful home state of Georgia next week. I know from past packing¬†experiences that moving to a new place can be quite wasteful and hardly eco-conscious. So I’m trying to be more[…]

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composting for rookies

After leaving my parents’ home and going off to college, I have lived mostly in apartment buildings. However, these past two years I’ve had the opportunity to live in a teeny tiny yellow bungalow (hence the blog name…) with a backyard for Polly. This is Polly: I’ve really loved having a backyard, because it has[…]