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Book Review: Slow Death By Rubber Duck

Last week, I mentioned reading Plastic Purge  by Michael SanClements. His book really delved into the history of plastics and gave some great advice for reducing plastics in our daily life. This week, I’ve been reading Slow Death by Rubber Duck, written by Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie. I am only half way through the book but[…]

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Book Review: The Urban Farmer

I’m rather proud of my tiny backyard garden. It’s been an experiment the past two years, learning what grows best in the Texas soil and I’m still a novice gardener. However, I can’t describe how exciting it is when your seeds start to sprout or when you see the beginnings of a baby tomato. What’s[…]

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Book Review: Plastic Purge by Michael SanClements

Book Review: Plastic Purge by Michael SanClements This week, I finally had the opportunity to read Plastic Purge by Michael SanClements. This book has some enlightening information about the history of plastic and the effects of its overabundance and use today. If you’re at all interested in the zero waste movement, I’d definitely recommend adding this[…]