Atlanta Veg Fest

Atlanta Veg Fest

This past weekend, I went to the annual Atlanta Veg Fest with my friend Marisa. It’s always energizing to be in an environment of like minded plant based people. I went to the Texas Veg Fest a few months back, and the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas” even applies to their Veg Fests. The festival in Atlanta is definitely smaller, but the venue was totally packed. So many people came out to learn more about vegan and vegetarian cuisine!

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There were some really great vendors at the festival from local vegan/vegetarian restaurants, cruelty free companies, farm sanctuaries, humane societies, and vegan food companies. I especially loved the the tempeh from Smiling Hara based in Asheville, NC. I’m crossing my fingers I can find this deliciousness at Earth Fare here in Athens. Also, there are quite a few vegan restaurants around Atlanta that are worth checking out. Restaurants brought samples of their food, and I particularly loved all the vegan baked goods!

I’ve had a Kleen Kanteen on my wishlist for a while now, and I ended up buying one at the Veg Fest. I’m very excited about my new water bottle purchase!  On one side it reads “Eating Veg Saves 600 Gallons of Water A Day,” which I think is a excellent conversation starter 🙂  I started my plant based journey to benefit my health. However, over the past few years, I have learned that going vegan is also a decision that positively impacts the environment. Eating plants benefits our health, the animals, and the environment.

Marisa and I had the opportunity to sit in on the round table discussion with Hope Hughes and David Powell as well. The discussion topic was Vegan Nutrition. It covered all of the key vegan topics such as protein intake, fiber, B12 supplements, etc. It was especially interesting to hear from the men in the vegan community. Hope and David have a vegan podcast called Curiously Veg Radio that you can check out here.

In all, we had a great time at the Atlanta Veg Fest, and I look forward to next year’s event. I think it’d be fun to travel to some other veg fests around the country and see how they compare! Have you been to a veg fest in your state or country?!

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1 thought on “Atlanta Veg Fest

  1. I went to veggie fest in Austin Texas, it was definitively worth it. My favorite part was trying all the different samples of vegan and vegetarian food they had there. Also, I liked that the venue was outside, with a river flowing next to the site and the weather was perfect. I like that you mention that eating vegan saves 600 gallons of water! i would like to learn more about the positive environmental impact that eating vegan has. Thank you for sharing!

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